Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds

A few weeks back we were sent over some rather tasty snacks in the form of both pistachios and almonds. These are probably not something I would usually buy but we have enjoyed trying them all the same.

Wonderful Pistachios come from California and come in four varieties. Each one is perfectly seasoned with flavour, sun ripened and naturally opened. The flavours are roasted & salted, salt & pepper, roasted no salt  and my favourite – sweet chilli.

The pistachios are quite a strange snack and remind me a little of those monkey nuts which are often seen at Christmas time. The pistachios come in hard shells which can usually be pulled apart with fingers and the bit in the middle is the part to be eaten. 

They have a green and slightly brown tinge to them and look a little off putting but they are full of flavour. The shell is inedible so you do end up with a bag full of empty shells. 

Like any type of nut I did find the odd nasty tasting few amongst the good ones and also a few empty shells too. God knows where the edible bit got to.  

  Pistachios do make a good movie watching snack and they are also full of protein so great for taking to the gym too. Just Β£2.00 a bag too from most supermarkets.  

I also received 2 bags of the Wonderful almonds. These come in 3 varieties and again make a good alternative and more healthy snack as opposed to chocolate or crisps. These cost about Β£2.39 a bag and again can be found in most supermarkets. I imagine they can  also be used in various recipes too.


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