Lighting Supetstore, lighting up our home

Last month I was contacted by the Lighting Superstore and asked if I would like to test out one of their lamps or wall light.

Lamps happen to be something that our house is short of and of course they always come in so handy at night times. The normal light can be so blinding when switched on. 

The lighting superstore do of course sell all sorts of different lights and lamps for every room in the house and I was given a choice of various styles more suited to a child’s room. This is what I chose.  

I chose this funky rainbow padlamp. I love the bold vibrant stripes, it reminds me of s big pack of wine gums or other retro sweets and really stood out when I saw it,

It’s a cylinderical shape with the stripy pattern going all around it. It’s measurements are:

  • Height: 320mm
  • Width: 140mm

It’s very lightweight too and easy enough to carry from room to room.  

This lamp is mains operated and switched on and off via a switch on the lead. I was a litte disappointed that the lamp did not come with any bulbs, it needs the SES-E-14 incandescent screw in type which can’t be found at my local corner shop so I had to order some on Amazon. They are cheap enough to buy but this did mean I couldn’t use the lamp straight away.  

As you can see here the lamp does give off a rather lovely if not mysterious glow. The colours become even brighter and the whole room becomes colourful and illuminated. My two girls currently have this lamp in their room and it makes things so much easier at night time, especially so when Izebella loses her damn dummy or toy.  

And when my children are not here at weekends, well I borrow it for my room as its just so pretty.

Buy this cool funky rainbow lamp here for just Β£16.20.


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