Shouty kid book 2 + a competition

The funniest kid in fiction is back! Follow his life’s ups and downs told through laugh-out-loud letters, emails, texts and more! 

Last year Ryan was very very happy with his copy of “Shoutykid” and therefore delighted to find out there was a Shoutkid part 2.  

The book series of Shoutykid is wrote by author Simon Mayle. The books are based around the life of a boy called Harry, who in many wars is actually very similar to Ryan (that’s probably why he likes it so much). Harry Riddles hates his sister (as does Ryan). Harry prefers gaming to sport (again so does Ryan) but joins a school football team to keep his parents happy (Hmm Ryan has also done this!). The team isn’t the best but Harry does what he’s good at and starts writing letters to all sorts of important people. Oh my god I think this book may actually be about Ryan as he likes to write lots of letters too.

Follow Harry’s hilarious ups and downs told through laugh-out-loud letters, emails, texts and more!

Here’s a little snippet of Harry’s letters which can be found in the book.

Dear David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, hi there

Do you get nervous when you have to give a speech? I’m doing a talk at school about this awesome game I built called Zombie Show Jumping, but what if I forget my words or have to go to the toilet part way through? Has that ever happened to you? GBTM soon.

Good luck and have fun

Harry Riddles

And another one!

Dear Prince George,

It kind of sucks when your mum has a new baby and everyone’s like, ‘Congratulations, isn’t it great?’ and you’re thinking, ‘Not really, I might have to share my bedroom.’ But maybe you don’t have that problem? Don’t worry that your Mum and Dad will like the new baby more than you – they probably wont and anyway you still get to be King one day so Ha! I won’t get my own country but I am better than the twins at X-box!

Good luck and have fun

Harry Riddles

P. S. Say hi to the Queen from me.

Shouty kid book 2 is published by Harper Collins children’s books and can be purchased on AMAZON for £6.99. Shouty kid 3 is also due for release in August this year.


There is a copy of Shoutykid 2 up for grabs. Any one can enter as long as you reside in the UK. 


Ends 24/04/15


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  1. April 23, 2015 / 19:02

    My son read this one and we’re hosting a giveaway too. It is such a fun series

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