“Let it Go” with the Frozen Elsa Magic Snow sleeve

My two girls absolutely love Frozen and anything to do with it. They have the DVD, the CD, duvet covers, dolls and much more. Each day Izebella will randomly start singing the “Let it Go” theme tune and I am told she often sings it at nursery too.

The new short “Frozen Fever” film is out from March 27th, Jordanna has already heard this news and is looking forward to watching it. She was also extremely happy to receive a new Frozen gadget from the guys over at Flair Plc. It's a magic snow sleeve. As well as the snow sleeve, Jordanna was also sent a lovely Frozen Elsa dress from Rubies Fancy Dress to help with the review.

The Magic snow sleeve is made up of a small sleeve which matches the blue Elsa dress, the snow sprayer unit which is made from tough plastic and needs no batteries, a water bottle sprayer and a can of snow spray.

I knew Jordanna would love this but I was a little concerned with the use of an aerosol spray which is what this is, especially so around Izebella as I knew she would want a go too.

The instruction sheet comes with steps on how to fit the snow bracelet and a fair few different languages so you have to try spot the English ones on each. The bracelet is first strapped on around the wrist, then sealed with a snow clasp. The spray bottles go underneath and a further attachment over the hand. The snow spray and water bottle are for separate use but both attach on the same way.

The instructions clearly state that it's for outside use only, but being rather silly and eager to try it out before Jordanna did, I accidently sprayed some – oops!!!

It looks and smells like that stuff they sold in Joke shops many years ago. I think they called it silly string. It's foamy strange stuff which dries very quickly, although not sticky and seems safe enough. The extra water bottle is for water. This water spray will no doubt come in handy once the silly snow spray is gone as I have no idea how or where to purchase another.

This is the Elsa dress straight out of the packet. It's a large- 7/8 year size. It's very long and has the queen robe bit at the back too.

It's a good quality Elsa dress. There are probably hundreds out there. Many very cheap on ebay, but I find many are bad quality and wrong sized which tear easily. This is a perfect size for Jordanna with growing room. I am sure she will get much use out of it with parties and occasions.



Well Jordanna could not wait to get the dress on and try out the Magic snow sleeve. I put it on for her and attached the Magic sleeve. She was then ready to “Let it Go” just like Elsa.




It took her a few seconds to get the thing going but when she worked it out it was quite funny to watch. Good job we did it outside, the stuff shoots out everywhere and gets all over the place. The water one is of course much less messy but means everywhere gets wet. Plus Jordanna thinks it's a good idea to spray the water in her mouth every now and then.

I do feel less wary when she is spraying the water around rather than the snow stuff.

The Elsa Snow Sleeve is aimed at children 5 and over. Personally I think 5 is perhaps a little too young for this given that an aerosol can is involved. However the instructions do also state that it is to be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

It costs Β£29.99 (snow sleeve only, dress is a separate purchase) which is quite a high price for something like this. I think being “Frozen” branded obviously adds to the cost of it. I can see it being popular and especially so amongst little girls. The snow spray won't last forever tho and I could not find anything on the instructions on where to purchase another can or if another brand of the same stuff could be used. Jordanna absolutely loves it tho so I suppose that's what counts. As long as I supervise her when she is using it then it should be fine – except of course for the mess I have to clean up afterwards ha.

Jordanna was also very happy with her new Elsa dress too.




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  1. March 18, 2015 / 13:32

    Now that looks like so much fun! We’re big Frozen fans here x

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