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We do love new books in our house and especially when it’s something a little different like the books we often receive from Buster Books

A new book recently arrived at our door which Jordanna has pretty much claimed for herself. 

About this book

Introducing Sticker By Numbers, an innovative new series which takes stickers to a whole new level. Simply match the coloured stickers to the numbers on each page to piece together stunning pictures. With over 3,500 geometric-shaped stickers in ten different colours, there’s endless sticker fun to be had. Children will love creating intricate patterns, completing a colourful fairground, stunning fireworks and embellishing flowers, butterflies and lots more.

There are several book titles in the Sticker by number collection and we have an animal sticker book. The pages contain fine images of animals which are outlined in colour and many spaces each with a number. The numbers all represent coloured stickers which can all be found on pages at the back of the book. If you intend to complete a fair few pictures at once then it may be worthwhile taking all the sticker pages out of the book and having them in front of you (much easier).

The stickers are quite small so maybe a little fiddly for little fingers as they tend to get stuck on hands. It’s quite time consuming too as there’s so many of them.

The end results can be quite beautiful if time is taken. It does make a good rainy day activity.

This activity book is aimed at youngsters aged 6-9 years but I do think adults may also enjoy it too. It comes with an RRP of £6.99 and details of how to buy are all here.

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