Mothers Day Gifts from Asda

Tomorrow is Mothers Day. A day to say thank you and show your mum just how much she means to you. It’s not a huge deal in our house. I’m a single mum and my kids are still very young. Nothing means more than a handmade card from my children and I often give Ryan a few pound as he likes to buy me something small from the shops from them all.

I always buy for my mum too. I can’t always afford much but a card and small gift always make her smile.

It’s not too late for those who have not yet bought their mum a small gift. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive and it just so happens that Asda have a lovely selection of Mother’s Day gifts available. I have been sent over a few little things which arrived yesterday. I was really glad to get these right before Mother’s Day too because even tho they aren’t from my children as such, they are still “Mum” gifts and are for me so they have cheered me up a lot.

This is a lovely little memory box. It has a place to put a photograph, which I have not yet had time to do (that’s not my picture on there ha). I think a mother and daughter photo would really sit well on this for a Mother’s Day gift.

It’s a lovely little box, made from tough strong board with space inside for more photographs or trinkets.

Inside a further surprise – it’s full of delicious Milk chocolate prailines. These are delicious and I can’t stop eating them. They remind me a little of maltesers but much bigger versions, being crunchy and crispy but with a smooth filling.

On checking “current” online prices at Asda. This lovely little chocolate filled box is only Β£3.00 – what a bargain.

This is a bit of a novelty/fun thing. It’s the Mums breakfast in bed kit.

Mother’s Day is the one morning when mum deserves a lie in and breakfast in bed.

This little kit contains a novelty toast press which when pressed into toast will make the toast say a lovely little message first thing in the morning. There’s also some heart shaped paper napkins, drink stirrers and confetti.

All in pink too – my favourite colour.


This little key ring is really sweet. Keyrings make lovely little gifts from little ones

They are very inexpensive and always look much better than just a bunch of boring metal keys together.



Finally a radiance boosting mask from the NSPA beauty collection. There are many products in this range and the majority costing less than a fiver.

Don’t forget – Mummy’s love to be pampered!

This is infused with rich Goji Berries and gives an extra boost to calm and protect skin. It also contains anti ageing properties. Just what I need at my age.

All of the above gifts for Mother’s Day cost less than a fiver each. A very small price to pay for a loving hard working mother. Most Asda stores have a special aisle reserved for Mother’s Day gifts and cards and as it’s only a day away, there are bound to be many reductions.


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