Mothers Day Treats from The Body Shop

Mothers day is just 2 days away. I imagine many people across the country have still not been out to buy their mum a present, men especially who usually leave everything until the last minute. The town centre stores will no doubt be very busy tomorrow and there is still plenty of time to buy those last minute gifts for Mum.

Every good mother deserves a treat from The Body Shop who sell a great selection of beauty treats a a gifts with the hard working mum in mind. Today I have 2 lovely treats to show you all.

First for the Mum who is skin concious and likes to take care of her skin is this Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet costing £12.00. 

It contains The Body Shops’ Aqua Sphere technology – microscopic moisture spheres that act like tiny reservoirs and hold hundreds of times their weight in pure water. In fact, each pot contains over two million Aqua Spheres, which will deliver a 24-hour feed of moisturisation to the skin.

This differs from the majority of other creams and potions out there, firstly it’s pink, perfect colour for me, as opposed to white. Secondly  it’s lightweight and refreshing, as opposed to being rich and nourishing.

On application this sorbet gives a very cool refreshing nice sensation. The first time I applied the product, it gave me a little shiver all over, unsure why but I do like the cool feeling it gives. 

The ingredients inside include  wheatgerm oil, shea butter and soya oil. And it contains mineral particles to help absorb oil and mattify, so that the skin stays shine free and fresh all day.

Perfect for the busy mums.

Secondly is the new Red Musk fragrance

I was one of those teenage girls who could not walk past a bodyshop store without going in to try on the “White musk” testers. I loved white musk and still do to this day, but was rather curious to see what the red version was all about.

The bottle looks really vintage and maybe more like something from a pharmacy rather than perfume bottle. This sort of adds to the overall mystery of it. I was half expecting a dropper to apply it with, but no it’s a spray bottle luckily. 

Red Musk is different to the regular well know female fragrances out there. It does not contain flowers at all but rather a blend of spices, being spiced musk, cinammon and tobacco?, Yes that’s right intense tobacco. That one ingredient alone may put females off buying it. The thought of smelling like a cigar is not really appealing is it. But……. Trust me! This does not smell of cigarettes or cigars or any other tobacco product. I don’t smoke and hate the smell of tobacco. This has a lovely spicy aroma to it, it’s also very long lasting and I can smell it an hour later still strong. It is strong so only a spray or two is required at a time. It’s a spicy sweet fragrance and I love it. A 30ml bottle costs £14.99.

Put a smile on your Mums face this Mother’s Day with a gift from The Body Shop.

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