Emily Fruit Crisps 

Emily is an exciting new range of snacks that have all the goodness of fruit with the crunch of a crisp. Named after one of the co-founders, these Fruit Crisps are something of a little love story. While she and her lovely partner, Alex were travelling in the Far East, they found an astonishing way of making crisps in a vacuum that preserves all the good things in fruit while still being amazingly crunchy… They decided to make their own and Alex named them after Emily so he could see her name wherever he went…

Fruit crisps seem to be everywhere and are still a fairly new product. In a way they are quite a strange if not bizarre sounding product. On one hand we hear the word “fruit” and think healthy, sweet. Then the word “crisps” and no so healthy nor sweet. The brain gets confused and starts to think fruit with crisps!! Maybe not so nice. 

I have tried a few different varieties of these strange sounding concoctions. Some of them nice and some down right disgusting which taste like dried out cardboard full of pips. Therefore I was kind of doubting the whole fruit crisp trend, that was of course until I came across Emily Fruit Crisps. Now these are something else indeed. 

These take the fruit crisp phenomenon to a whole other level. These are what fruit crisps should be like, not dry, not soggy, not full of pips, no just a sweet delicious fruity crunch with every wholesome bite. Just delicious and absolutely perfect for a healthy snack, lunchbox, kids etc. 

There are 3 varieties – Apple, banana and pineapple. The only ingredients in the fruit crisps are the fruit and non hydrogenated vegetable oil and that’s it. No sugar, no preservatives, no additives and they are gluten free too. 

The crisp pieces are big and chunky too, hardly any crumbs or tiny bits. Each bite is delicious and full of crunchy natural sweet flavour, tho I will warn you, they are highly addictive and one packet may just make you long for another one. 

I’m unsure of the exact process that goes into making a delicious crisp like these from fruit but I am very happy to swap my usual crisps for a bag of these anyday.

Emily Fruit Crisps are currently sold in Selfridges food halls and also via Total wellbeing solutions. More information on stockists can of course be found on the Emily website.

Trust me you need to try these to believe. My kids love them too. 

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