Cooking with Mr Singh’s – Chicken curry loaf recipe (easy peasy)

At the start of the year I made a promise to myself that I would start to do more home cooking for myself rather than relying on junk and take aways. I always cook for my kids but when your on your own, it’s hard to cook for yourself as there is no one to enjoy it with. It’s easy to fall into bad habits of snacks and junk. This is something I wanted to change and I think I have been doing quite well recently.

I do like my curries and spicy foods, but in the past have tended to reach for the curry house menu. Well not anymore thanks to a little treat from those at Mr Singh Sauces. Here is a little info about Mr Singh…….

Starting in an east end Kitchen in 1985, mr Singh stirred up his first batch of Special Chilli Sauce for his fiery family. Inspired by the bustle and buzz of London nd deep flavours of his spiritual home of Punjab, Popa Singh’s sauce soon became the talk of the dinner table from Manor pPrk to Mayfair. Whatever the dish, a drop or two of his cherished chilli creation is garanteed to kick start tastebuds and get people doing what the family loves best, having fun.

So there is the story and here is a selection of the spicy sauce they sell. 

Mr Singh’s Hot Punjabi Chili Sauce. From a great dip to a mighty marinade this sauce is the perfect accomponyment to any meal.

Mr Singh’s Punjabi Pesto. A wonderful cooking paste or Spread.

Mr Singh’s BBQ Chilli Sauce. A super hot dip or a brilliant BBQ sauce.

I came across a very healthy but slightly spicy recipe a few weeks back. It has many names and can be tweaked and changed however one wishes. It’s known as Curry loaf, mexican loaf, Spicy loaf but is all the same. I changed it to include chicken and Mr Singh’s Punjabi pesto so I will now call it – BIZZIMUMMY chicken spice loaf. Here’s how to make it.


2 chicken fillets 

1 tin chick pea Dahl

Packet of microwaveable spicy rice

2 eggs

Mr Singh’s Punjabi pesto


•First lightly grease a loaf tin and preheat oven to 200C

•Make several slits on the chicken fillets and place a small amount of Mr Singh’s Punjabi pesto in each slit. 

•Place chicken fillets in oven and roast for approximately 45 minutes or until fully cooked. 

•Cook rice in microwave as per packet instructions.

•Cut cooked fillets into small pieces and add to cooked rice. 

• Add full tin of Chickpea Dahl plus eggs and stir well. For extra spice add Mr Singh’s Punjabi pesto or the hot sauces (as desired depending how spicy you like it) 

• mix well, then transfer to the loaf tin. Bake in oven for approximately 50 minutes. Test with a knife. If middle seems soggy then leave for a while longer.

It should look a little like this… 

Then leave to cool, tip out onto a plate or storage container, slice and enjoy. Don’t worry if it falls apart it won’t affect the taste. It’s delicious and great with a bit of mayonnaise or again Mr Singh’s spicy sauces. 

Visit Mr Singh Sauce for more information on their products and where to buy.

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