Ravensburger: Jigsaws for all the family

As my regular readers will know, I am a big fan of Ravensburger jigsaws with their fine attention to detail in the art work and quality premium puzzle pieces.

This month we have been very lucky to be sent not one, but two jigsaws. One for myself and one for Jordanna to complete. 

Firsr for me to complete in the quiet evenings when kids are tucked up in bed is this 1000 piece puzzle – London the Thames. 

There is so much detail to this and it’s good to even just look at the picture on the box to see which London monuments can be spotted. Big Ben, Westminster, The Shard, Millenium eye, Tower bridge and so much more can be found in this stunning London scene. 

The puzzle itself is a difficult one. The amount of pieces adds to the difficulty but it’s the amount of tiny fine detail that makes it so hard. Completing the Thames part is especially frustrating as its all the same blue colour and the pieces are so small. I think I’m going to have a challenge with this one and may have to Invest in a board and jigsaw glue too as I won’t be taking it apart in a hurry.

Once completed the puzzle will measure 70x50cms and comes with an age guide of 12 and over. I have just spotted it over on AMAZON for £7.98.

The second puzzle is much much easier and is one that will be loved by little girls everywhere. It’s Disney Cinderella. ï»¿

This only has 100 pieces and the pieces are much bigger too. The Cinderella puzzle shows various scenes from the brand new Cinderella 2015 movie. It shows Cinderella as a poor servant girl, at the ball and with her Prince Charming. It also shows scenes of the fairy godmother and the wicked stepmother and stepsisters. All surrounded by a magical butterfly fairytale background. 

Me, Jordanna and Izebella completed this puzzle first time within 20 minutes. The puzzle pieces are made especially for certain ages (6-9 years) both in number of pieces and images. This puzzle is specially designed for those 6 and over. Jordana was able to put many pieces together herself with a little help from me and a lot of messing about from Izebella. 

This beautiful Disney Cinderella puzzle is also available to buy on AMAZON for £7.99.

More information on all the Ravensburger puzzles and games can be found on their website

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