Bath time with Childs Farm

Award winning British brand Childs Farm was the brain child of mother of two, Joanna Jensen.

Having struggled to find baby & child toiletry products to deal with her daughters’ fine hair and sensitive skin, Joanna joined forces with respected UK manufacturer Medichem to make her own.

Her criteria has always been for as many naturally derived ingredients as possible that can do the jobs of cleaning and detangling effectively, for organic essential oils that are suitable for young skin and hair, and packaging that reflects everything that Joanna holds most dear – her children, pets and animals and of course, the great British country-side all thrown together in quirky and madcap situations by children’s illustrator, Emma McCall.

Through clinical trials, the products have proven to be suitable for even the most sensitive skin including skin prone to eczema, and are even mild enough for newborns. When thinking about how to stop eczema itching, can be difficult to find the lotions and creams that will suit the sensitive skin of our little cherubs. It’s vital that we can have confidence in the products that we purchase. Every product has been dermatologically tested and approved, and paediatrician approved.

Ryan is slowly moving on to more adult men’s toiletries as he is now 10 and thinks he is all grown up. Jordanna and Izebella absolutely love being pampered like little princesses and are always very enthusiastic to try out new bathing products. With Jordanna I do have to be careful of what I use. She had not been diagnosed with any form of eczema as such but is prone to dry itchy skin and odd spots and rashes which can be made worse after bathing.

My girls were sent over some Childs Farm products. There is a wide varying selection in the online shop all sorts of bathing, lotions and hair products to choose from at fairly low cost.

This is the Top to Tosie Cleaning Kit. Inside the reusable pouch are 3 bottles of Childs farm award winning products.

Hair & body wash for dirty rascals

Hand & body lotion for silky skin

Bubble bath for sweet dreams.

Each one with delicious zingy/zesty fragrances of citrus fruits making little ones smell very fruity and almost good enough to eat.

I thought the designs on the product bottles were really lovely too, unlike many others these are covered in all sorts of designs. The illustrations are designed by children’s illustrator Emma McCall. They include things which company owner holds dear including her children, animals and the countryside.

Izebella seemed very eager to use her new products straight away and she was in need of a good bath with food and all sorts from nursery all over her.

The warm bath was filled with the sweet dreams bubble bath. It’s comes out rather quick so it’s best not to tip the bottle too much. The bubbles form very quickly and the bath turned into a bubbling spa. Next went on the hair and body wash (for my dirty rascal) this made Izebella smell so nice and it’s really good that we don’t need two separate products.

She kept saying “that smells nice mummy” and it does. It’s a scent grapefruit and oranges and the aroma fills the bathroom.

As well as the Top to Tosie kit we were also sent a bottle of conditioner in a strawberry and organic mint fragrance. Just perfect for the luscious locks of little princesses and the bottle is in a pretty pink colour too.

After shampooing it was time to apply the new conditioner, which left the long princes locks feeling soft, silky, smooth and tangle free. Both the conditioner and the hair & body wash are also tear free meaning no nasty stinging sore eyes and far less bath time tears and fears.

The final product to use was our hand & body lotion from the Top to Tosie kit. Once bath time was over and little Izebella dry, it was time to apply. I found this had the strongest aroma out of all the products. Izebella really liked having it applied even tho she did insist on doing it herself.

It dried pretty quickly, absorbed into the skin fast and left her smelling like a lovely grapefruit, all sweet and nice. She loves it.

I don’t think I have ever seen a 2 year old so happy with bathing products. She was even pointing out the pictures on the bottles and had no hesitation in taking them straight to the bathroom when they arrived.

The Top to Tosie kit costs Β£8.99 and is perfect for travelling as well as home use and the conditioner is Β£3.99. Both products along with others can be purchased directly from Childs Farm



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