Just before Christmas, Izebella was sent a Grobag. It arrived at a perfect time as she was a little unwell with a cold and like most children she likes to be covered up and hugged when unwell.
Grobags come in 4 tog ratings and 5 age sizes and Izebella has a 2.5 Tog in the 18-36 month size. The Gro bags also come with zip options with the choice of a front or side zip and Izebellas comes with a side zip.
There are many designs for both boys and girls. The design she has is the Bunny & Brolly.


It’s a lovely pink floral design. The Grobag is really easy to put on and take off. The zip is very long and the bag opens up wide incase she ever wants it on without it being fastened up, sometimes she likes to use it as a cover rather than the full sleeping bag. The arm bits just fasten by poppers.

The 2.5 tog is suitable for all year round with a room temperature of 16-20C which is probably the standard temperature for this time of year with the heating on at some point in the evenings. The higher 3.5 tog is more suitable for colder weather.

Gro bags are recommended by The Lullaby Trust who provide expert advice on safer sleeping for babies and cot death prevention. Using a Gro bag means no extra covers are needed and therefore no extra covers to kick off or become too hot under.

I did try a few types of sleeping bag when Izebella was a baby but she never seemed to like them. However she now realises that the Grobag keeps her warm and snug both at night and in the day when she gets tired.


Izebella is happy to sleep in her Gro bag and also happily sits playing or watching telly inside it when it’s cold.


Grobags vary in price as there are so many styles, sizes and features to choose from. The style Izebella has starts from Β£29.99 and all Grobags can be purchased directly from The Gro Store

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