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I do love my little bits of jewellery but I don’t always get to wear it quite as much as I like. I get worried about losing it but still it’s always nice to receive it.
On Christmas Eve a little package arrived from Rosa red Jewellery. It was almost like Christmas a day early. It also meant I had something lovely and shiny and new to wear for Christmas.
Rosa Red sent me their Lincoln 3 jewellery set, consisting of 3 pieces from the collection. A bracelet, necklace and earrings.

I would of posted much soon but as many of you have read, we have all been unwell for a few weeks and I haven’t really had much energy to do anything at all but better late than never as the saying goes.

The Lincoln set is a design by a young design student Karina Hoey. The geometric shapes that Karina takes as her inspiration are plain to see in this beautiful, enamelled design. Shades of lilac, lavender and purple are broken up by vibrant blue squares. This is a delightful collar necklace with an extender chain.

My favourite item out of the 3 is the bracelet. I love wearing bracelets. I have watches which I use as bracelets. I think I just like the feel of something on my wrist (strange person I am!). The bracelet costs just Β£9.95 and is 19cm in length and for once is a good fit around my tiny wrists.

This bracelet is very easy to fasten by way of a big toggle fastening.


The necklace measures 44cm but also has an adjustable 7cm extender chain. The fastener is again quite big making it easy enough to fasten myself. It costs Β£14.95.
The earrings are just Β£2.95 and in a deep purple. They are for pierced ears and come with standard butterfly fasteners.


All the pieces co-ordinate each other when worn together and they pretty much go with any outfit for any occasion. The jewellery arrives in individual little pouches too.


These jewellery pieces can be purchased directly from Rosa Red

Rosa Red are offering a great discount of 25% off anything by using code BIZZI25

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