Festive Afternoon tea

Me and Izebella have been very busy this morning both making and icing cupcakes. To help us get in the festive mood and to make our cakes ready for Santa, Creative-Tops sent over some lovely Christmas pieces from their Katie Alice Yuletide Sleigh ride collection. Our box including the Cake stand, napkins, cupcake cases and toppers, Time for tea gift set and a Fine China Tankard mug.

This collection does indeed look very festive with colours of red and frosty blue, all decorated with reindeers and Santa with lots of pretty snowflakes.

The first thing to do was put the cake stand up. It’s a 3 tier stand which will hold a fair few cakes. Very easy to put up its a few pieces of strong card which slot together and it can be carried via a handle at the top. Izebella seemed quire fascinated by the stand and she instantly knew it was for cakes. Miss Clever clogs.

Then we had to make some cakes. I already had a packet of cake mix in my cupboard which is super easy to make. I used the Katie Alice cupcake cases which come in a pack of 24 along with the festive cake toppers which come with the cases. In just 20 minutes the cakes were baked. Izebella poured icing on with a spoon which turned out a little messy but they taste good all the same.


I was only able to make 11 cakes with the packet I had so I still have plenty of cup cases and toppers for another batch before Christmas. Here are the finished festive cakes with toppers and on the stand. Perfect for Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve!
Of course Santa is not due for another 8 days and so many hours (my kids aren’t here to remind me of the exact countdown) and these cakes won’t keep until then so looks like mummy will have to start eating them instead. Obviously I have to sample them to make sure they taste ok don’t I!
This Time for Tea gift set is just perfect for a mini afternoon tea. In the box is a fine China mug, a tray and a cork coaster. It will probably hold 2 standard cups at a push or one cup with the coaster. Izebella has taken a shine to the tray and seems to think its hers for her biscuits tho. And of course we can’t have afternoon tea without napkins. These napkins are very festive indeed showing Santa in his sleigh.
Finally if your having a guest round for tea and they can drink a bit more than most. Then there is this beautiful large Christmas tankard. It’s a bigger version of the cup in the Time for Tea set above and again made from fine China.
This makes a big cup of tea or coffee but I have a feeling that on Christmas Eve this may just be getting filled with warm mulled wine and left out for Santa and the elves when they visit. I don’t want Santa too drunk tho so perhaps half full may be better.
All of these lovely products and more can be found to purchase at The English Table website.
I’m not sure there will be much cake left soon!












  1. December 16, 2014 / 22:38

    What a lovely set! And your finished cupcakes look great!

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