Battery heated gloves!!! Yes Really!!

I hate my hands being so cold. In my house I have no fires and when my heating is off my hands get cold, but I really hate having cold hands outside. I can’t put my hands in my pockets as I’m constantly pushing a buggy or holding Izebella’s hands. Standard gloves get wet which feels awful and usually don’t last long either.

Primrose contacted me recently asking if I would like to review a pair of these!


These are infact Dual Fuel Deluxe Battery Heated Gloves. Yes that’s right “battery heated gloves” certainly not something I have ever come across before and to be totally honest I actually wondered if it was some sort of novelty product, but no these gloves are exactly what it says on the tin.

My first thoughts of the gloves were that they looked very big for my very small hands. They reminded me a lot of workers gloves and the type of thing outdoor workers would use. They even have a slight resemblance to skiing gloves being big, thick and warm.

Each glove needs its own battery and it’s the 9V square type. The batteries slip into a zipped pocket at the bottom of the glove which hides the connectors. I was thinking that surely they would be heavy with the batteries in or that the battery would rub against my arm but no rubbing and no extra weight. The gloves are very thick and padded so I kind of forget the battery is even there.

The gloves are adjustable by way of a big strap which pulls to fit. Unfortunately tho as my wrists are very thin they still felt a little loose and big on me, but I do have very small stick thin arms and hands and therefore they would probably be a better fit on average sized hands.

There is a small utility pocket on the gloves too. This can be used for cards, cash, spare batteries and also combined with optional disposable heat packs.

The Tecsense fingertips allow easy use of touchscreen devices without needing to take the gloves off. Normal gloves will not allow me to use my iPhone but these will.

Thumb wipe is made of micro absorbent scratch and smear resistant material, ideal for wiping moisture or snow away from ski goggles or glass.

The gloves switch on by way of a switch which is conveniently located at the wrist strap. I felt a slight tingle almost like a light pins and needles feeling when I first put them on and then a little warmth. It’s not mega hot like a hot water bottle or electric blanket would be but just enough to not feel the cold and much warmer than the standard glove. How much heat is felt obviously depends on how cold it is aswell as body temperature and other factors. If I take the heated gloves off and put them on someone else once heated then they would feel more heat than I did waiting for them to warm up. Warming takes a couple of minutes, although I can feel the warming process within seconds, it seems to be a gradual thing rather than instant heat.

The heating elements are quite surprisingly on the outside of the glove rather than the inside. This is because the outside of the hand is more susceptible to the cold. The warmth can be felt right up to the fingertips which is a good thing as it’s always my fingertips that feel like they will fall off with the cold.

Of course these gloves are water resistant too, meaning lots of fun building snowmen without my hands turning blue.

Well I think they are a good idea for the winter weather but they do look rather big and bulky on my hands so probably not the sort of thing I’d wear on a night out ha. I definitely need the smaller size for my skinny little hands.They do keep hands lovely and warm in all sorts of conditions and will be great if it does ever snow.

My mum is a lollipop lady which means she spends many hours a day outside in cold conditions and she also has much bigger hands than me. These would be perfect for her so I may just buy her a pair too. They do come in a choice of sizes and also options for men and women.

These heated gloves start at £14.99 and can be purchased from Primrose here. The optional disposable heat packs starting at just 49p help to extend the battery life and keep the gloves warm for longer.






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