What On Earth!

The What On Earth series are a collection of 5 sticker books which cover a selection of educational topics- History, Nature, Sport, Science and Shakespeare. Each one contains over 100 stickers and a huge 1.7M timeline.

Ryan has the “History” sticker book which coincidently is also one topic which he seems fascinated by.

Like most children his age and younger, he loves stickers and sticker books and already has a few of them, but this one is different as it’s also educational rather than just a case of putting stickers where they belong.

The front pages contain all the stickers of which there are 6 pages in total. Each page represents a continent and has stickers resembling people, animals, items or places from that particular continent. Europe for instance has William Shakespeare sticker and the Americas have Barack Obama.
The sticker images seem very detailed and clear and the stickers themselves are fairly big in size and easy to peel off.
As well as the continents there is also a “Natural History” page also full of stickers such as dinosaurs and plants

Then comes the timeline which believe me is huge. I had to stand far back to get it all in this shot.

The length of the timeline along with the book is actually bigger than myself lay out next to it.
This timeline is really very informative. There is lots of useful information and facts along the length of it as well as the hundreds of empty sticker spaces just waiting to be filled with all the stickers.

It starts as far back as 350 million years ago, known as the “Cambrian” age and ends 2015 so next year. It takes us right through all the eras and ages from how the sun was created , bacteria, dinosaurs, first animal life, then Neanderthals right to modern day humans.

There’s also various famous building and monuments, famous events and famous people from history and present day.

Once all the stickers and placed and the timeline is completed it can be pulled out and stuck on a bedroom wall tho it will need a fairly big wall as its huge.
It will be very useful for history homework and online kids competing I think.

These books come from What On Earth books and are aimed at children aged 3 and over. They can be purchased separately for £6.99 or as a gift pack for £25.00.
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