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The food discovery box is a brand new subscription service and is focused on unique hard to find artisan food products.

The products are all sourced from UK suppliers and all made in small batches. It is probably impossible to find the majority of items in supermarkets.

This subscription service differs from others as subscribers are able to choose which products they want in their boxes. Each month a new menu of up to 30 different items will be made available and there is a choice of 5 to suit individual pallets. In every box will also be one or two mystery items.

The boxes come by a courier service and everything is carefully packaged.

Here are the items inside my Discovey box this month.

From The Mushroom Garden Snowdonia, a packet of dried oyster mushroom, very unusual and certainly something I have never come across before.

From Truly Simple foods, A tube of Garlic Purée. This seems to take the mess and fuss out of chopping and squashing up garlic cloves and makes a great cooking ingredient.

From High Dumpsie Dearie, A delicious jar of fine jam which contains chunky pieces o pear , diced apple and plum which produces a deep colour of jam. Posh jam on toast all round!

From The Chefs table, Garic & Rosemary infused oil. This oil is quality extra Virgin olive oil infused with great flavours and will of course come in handy for all sorts of dishes

From Treghunter, Fig jam. Fig jam is very sweet and made with home grown, fresh picked produce.

From Flavour Magic, Rosemary rock salt. A different blend of infused salt which even came with its own grinder too.

There was also a little chocolate from a company called Cocoa Ooze, but unfortunately only one and it got eaten straight away so therefore this is not on the photographs.

The products are certainly all new to me and not the sort of thing I could go to my local shop or supermarket to buy so I am looking forward to coming with them. A guide comes with the food products explaining what each one is and who the company behind the product is and there is a recipe idea too.

It's certainly something different than the regular food boxes already out there and gives me a chance to try something a little bit different that I probably would of not bought otherwise.

Their website – gives lots more information on products and is of course also the place to sign up for one of their monthly subscription box plans.


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