Magicorn Hood

It's fair to say that as a blogger I come across some rather strange and unusual items every now and again, but none have so far been more peculiar than this furry and rather mythical garment.

“What the hell is that!” I hear you all cry. Well! It's called a Magicorn hood, that's correct Magicorn. It is sold by Firebox who are fairly well known for selling strange and unusual/hard to get gifts and gadgets but this definitely tops my unusual gift list as far as “ out there” gifts go.

The hood has a lovely wintery feel to it with soft white fur. It has places to put paws and a colourful main with a big golden horn.

It certainly is a strange looking thing.

It even had ears too.


So what do I do with one of these Magicorn hoods then? Do I wear it to go out clubbing?? Certainly not I think I'd get some very strange looks if I did. Saying that tho I can actually picture some of my old raving pals wearing one of these at a rave, I think they may just blend in well. I wouldn't wear it for the school run either, nor to go shopping or to go outside at all. No this is the sort of thing that I could wear indoors with my gown and slippers in the cold winter weather and keep my head and mitts warm. A bit like this!

I think I look a little like a strange snow queen in this shot and then there's this one!

Like some strange creature from Narnia!

It certainly keeps both my head and hands warm but I would have to wear this at home when I am alone. I think I would feel slightly silly sat there in front of friends or family with a fluffy unicorn on my head. They would truly think I had lost the plot.

Still it's quite a fun novelty thing and I think it could be bought out at Christnas parties too. I can imagine all the ladies having a try of it along with the drubken idiot males getting a photograph wearing it.

The horn bit can look a bit erm! Rude, especially if a photograph is taken at the wrong angle like this.

Yes it certainly looks like I have something else on my head that I certainly would not want there.

It can even transform into something actually resembling a strange mythical beast. Just look at the next one! Aaaggh!


In a strange kind of way I do actually like this. I have always loved unicorns and the whole mythical elements around them but that foes not mean I want to be one or dress up as one. It's warm and fluffy and may just save on my heating bills a little as it keeps me a bit warmer.

I do hear that no mythical beasts were slain or injured in the making of this hood and I also hear that the wearer of one of these mythical hoods may attract butterflies and other woodland creatures and even be accepted by the forest nymphs – well that's what Firebox say anyway.

I forgot to mention that this hood is lovely for hugging too and of course both my little princesses absolutely love it and both want one of their eon now.


This Magicorn hood can be purchased from Firebox along with hundreds of other amazing gadgets and gifts. It costs Β£24.99 and I think it would be perfect for unicorn lovers.


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