Happy Halloween: Southport

Yesterday we woke early and boarded a train to Southport. From Southport station we headed to the coast and found our way to Pleasure land for a spooky spectacular Halloween family event called Happy Halloween.
I have been to Pleasure land many times but this time was different. From the moment we arrived we were greeted by all sorts of weird and wonderful characters. Scarecrows, witches, huge spiders and more.

Both statues, some of them moving and very lifelike and people in costume, everywhere we looked there was pumpkins. I have never seen that many pumpkins in one place.


All the rides at Pleasureland are included in the price of the ticket which must now be purchased at the entrance as all the internet allocations are sold out.
There are many rides there, even something for the very small ones. Izebella is now 2 and was very happy going on lots of rides with big brother and sister.

Jordanna being a little taller now was able to go on many big rides herself. Ryan won’t go on them and I couldn’t as I had Izebella. Jordanna even went on the big Piranha water shoot ride alone too. Ryan went on the ghost train and I would have took Izebella on but she point blank refused to go on. I did see one parent literally drag a screaming toddler onto it. Poor kid will no doubt have nightmares for weeks to come.
My girls loved the slides and trampoline too.



One of the special Halloween attractions is Trick or Treat street. It is set up like a small street with several doors. Children walk through it and knock on each door and either get a treat in the form of sweets or a trick which involves being sprayed with water or a whistle blown or something else. None of this is too scary for younger ones.


To add to all this fun, several different shows take place every half hour. We went to see 3 of them- Twitchy Witch which is a short pantomime and seems to have themes from Labyrinth, hansel & Gretel, The witches and Wizard of Oz. It’s quite entertaining tho Izebella was a little scared of the witch. Afterwards there was photo opportunities with the cast.


The next one was a magic show and as per usual, Jordanna was picked to go on stage and assist. I think she screams louder than any other child when asked for volunteers! Anyway she took part in a very spectacular trick which involved her walking through a solid mirror. She can’t explain how it happened either!!

She got a big spider balloon thing for it which unfortunately popped within an hour.
We also saw a puppet show but my battery was starting to die by this time so no pics sorry.

I think we were there a good 6 hours going on all the rides and watching shows. We had an amazing day and the rain stayed away too. It’s not often we get days out together as good as this one. Happy faces all round but very tired by the end of it.

The food and drink there is pricy and I really should of thought beforehand and took sandwiches and drinks of my own. A small tray of chips with gravy worked out at Β£3.00 and kids bottle drinks a pound each. It might not sound a lot but when there’s 4 of us it did work out expensive.
I would say definitely worth a visit and we hope to return next year.

It is open throughout half term and you pay at the gate.

www.happyhalloween.uk.com or www.southportpleasureland.com


  1. November 4, 2014 / 12:03

    Wow, whata spooky day out – my kids would have really enjoyed that! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. November 4, 2014 / 13:34

    It looks like you had a wonderful time…..

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