Brain Noodles dinosaur kit


So much fun!

The Brain noodles dinosaur kit comes from Paul Lamond
Brain noodles are like big fluffy pipe cleaners. In the kit box are 12 giant noodles of assorted colours.

Also in the box are several accessories such as eyes and foam to use on our finished dinosaurs.


Full instructions on how to turn these furry brain noodles into scary dinosaurs are included. It is a case of twisting, bending and pinching the noodles, and connecting them together.


Our first attempt at the stegosaurus did not go too well. It resembled a lump of grass rather than a dinosaur, but no worries as the brain noodles are easily undone to try again. Second time around and this is what we got. Looking a little more like a green scary dinosaur should.


Next Jordanna had a go at the Pterodactyl along with plenty of questions on why the creatures name starts with a P and not a T. This time she had to use 2 different colours.

Hmm I’m not quite sure what happened, it looks a little different to the Pterodactyl on the box but Jordanna is happy with it anyway. It is in it’s own way some sort of extinct creature tho perhaps not very scary!

There are enough brain noodle things to make 4 dinosaurs and of course if they get bored of the ones on the box then they can have a go at making their own weird and wonderful creations.
I was slightly worried when I realised that the brain noodles were like pipe cleaners. “Visions of metal spikes poking out someone’s eye” but they do seem very safe and well covered with lots of fluffy stuff. The ends do not feel sharp at all.
If you hate dinosaurs them fear not as there are many other brain noodle kits too such as kittens, puppets, flowers and many more.

Brain noodles brings lots of creative fun and especially so once the cold weather and dark evenings kick in. Bend them, twist them, pull them, pinch them, use your imagination to create your own colourful creatures. Then pull them apart and start again. There’s even a big sturdy box to store them all in.


Brain noodle kits come with an age guide of 6 and over. Younger children (in my opinion) could probably play with supervision. They are similar to pipe cleaners and toddlers may be tempted to put them in mouths and suck. Izebella tends to simply destroy her brother and sisters creations!

The kits are available to buy on Amazon who have reduced the price of them from Β£12.95 to Β£11.99.

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  1. October 1, 2014 / 13:07

    Anything to do with dinosaurs is a hit in our house. If it’s something crafty it’s a hit with me too πŸ˜€ These look fun & something to add to the christmas list πŸ™‚ x

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