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Pips Boutique brings a touch of Spain over to the UK. The business is based over in sunny Andalucia and is family run and been running since 2007.
Pips boutique sell beautiful flamenco dresses for both ladies and little girls plus skirts, shoes, shawls and accessories all direct from Spain.

I love flamenco dresses. On my many trips to Spain I have always been fascinated by how beautiful they are. I have seen many flamenco dancers at various hotel shows and they always look amazing the way they dance with the big skirts. As a young girl visiting Spain I would mither my parents so much for one of these dresses that I eventually got one. I loved it and would often put it on in the house and around wearing it.
I knew that Jordanna, now being 7 would also love a flamenco dress and Pips boutique very kindly sent her one.


These flamenco dresses do come in lots of colours and styles which can all be viewed here. I did not really have any colour preference in mind as they are all very pretty. However when I opened my package and saw the black and red one I was very happy indeed. I think this looks very traditional of a flamenco dress. I absolutely love it. The red and black together look so stylish and Spanish.
I think a someone else loves it too.


Jordannas new dress is a size 7-9 years. The sizes range from 1-13 years. The dress has a stretchy bodice and seems to fit Jordanna really well. The skirt contains 4 layers of frill which makes it great for twirling and spinning at parties.



To complement this beautiful dress there are a selection of matching accessories at Pips Boutique such as a shawl, fan and a jewellery set.
This flamenco dress can be purchased directly and costs Β£13.99

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