Izebellas new dress: Aurora Royal ” Friendly Ghosts” Applique Denim Pinafore

Do you remember all my posts of the lovely dresses from Good for Babies. Jordanna and Izebella both really loved all their pretty outfits and enjoyed wearing them throughout the Summer months.
The Summer is almost at an end and
Autumn is drawing in. A large box arrived at our door with more beautiful outfits for my girls to suit the colder season.

The first is worn by Izebella and is a perfect little Halloween dress.

It is a lovely denim pinafore dress with two rather spooky ghosts. It has a ruffle hem line and can be worn over a t-shirt or underneath a cardigan.

Izebella has a 2-3 year size which seems to fit her perfectly. So perfect that she was able to dance and party the night away on a weekend break we recently went on.

This dress is Β£16.00 and I love it. It’s just so cute and perfect for the Halloween season.

Lots more pretty dresses and outfits to follow very soon.

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