Remember When! A very special birthday book

Historic gifts & newspapers are the world largest original newspaper archive and sell newspapers from special dates, like birthday’s and anniversaries. They also have a huge range of special newspaper books available covering a range of historic history, sporting events and dates of personal significance.

I was sent a very special book which is just one of many gifts they have on offer.

This special book is the Birthday edition newspaper book. It comes in a choice of 3 colours and finishings. My book is in a exquisite burgundy leatherette version.
There is an option of gold embossing personalisation on the front of the book like this.

Showing recipients name and date of birth.

The book contains front page articles starting from the recipients birth date right up to this year 2014 or last year dependant on when it’s ordered. The size of the book therefore obviously depends on how old the recipient is.
My birthdate is June 15 1977 and therefore I have 37 pages of front page news articles. The stories of course all occurring the date before on June 14th.
This is the first page from the exact date I came into the world.

It’s an article about Twiggys wedding and something about a tax cut for Britain.
This is the last page in my book with the news from June 15 2014.


All the newspaper articles in the book are taken from past issues of the Daily Mirror including issuers of the Sunday Mirror too. The Daily Mirror is of course one of Britains best selling newspapers to date and has been around since 1903. The articles measure a very generous size of 38x31cm making them very easy to read.

It’s very exciting browsing through the 37 pages and finding out what was going on around my birthday each year as history and news is very soon forgotten.
Of course having a birthday in June means it falls on World Cup every 4 years. Therefore I thought there was likely to be a few mentions of it and I was not wrong.


Throughout my book are many interesting pieces including celebrity pieces, sad stories and lots more.


It’s a fun and educational step back in time.

Opposite each news article is a “Remember When” page which is blank.

These pages are for personal memories, notes on what I can remember and old photographs (may have to ask the family for some).
At the front of the book is an optional presentation certificate which I think gives the book a very nice personal touch. This is a free option.



I absolutely love this book. It seems so personal being my birth date. I know that these would make amazing birthday gifts for anyone. I think any recipient would be very happy to receive something such as this.

The Birthday Edition books are of course made to order and start from Β£44.99 regardless of how many pages are required for the age. The gold embossing is an optional extra at Β£5 although free if you choose the luxury leather option.
I think the book would be an especially nice gift for a milestone birthday such as 40,50,60 or older.
More details on this particular gift can be viewed here.

There are a whole lot of other gifts to be found too. Lots of Historic books, sports books and newspaper gifts including original birth date newspapers. Many of the products can be personalised to suit needs.

An amazing website full of amazing pieces of history!


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