Delicious at kiddylicious and healthy too

If you have a toddler, baby or young child then you have probably already come across the Kiddlylicious brand. A selection can usually be found in supermarkets dotted along the baby food aisle.
New products are constantly being added to the popular healthy brand. As well as scrumptious toddler snacks there is even a selection of baby weaning meals known as babylicious.


I do always try my best to give a Izebella healthy food. Foods such as fruit, veg, meats and fish. Getting her to eat healthy is touch and go and I never make a big fuss when she refuses her food. It can be difficult as I have two older children too. Ryan, my ten year old refuses any vegetables and eats little fruit and Izebella quickly picks up on this.
Kiddylicious snacks are a great invention as each little bag provides the “1of 5” fruit/veg per day and young children won’t even realise that they are eating fruit and veg.


The snacks come in many fun varieties with all shapes and sizes and fun designs on the bags. The snacks include Fruity wriggles like little fun wormy things in 3 fruity varieties, fruity puffs corn puff snacks in 3 fruit flavours, flying saucers in cheese or tomato and are rice snacks, Raspberry Crispie tiddlers crunchy pieces of raspberry purΓ©e combined with puffed rice, Ravin raisins are a selection of raisins and sultanas together, Smoothie melts come in 3 fruit flavours and are a combination of mixed fruit flavours which kids will think are sweets, crisps are both fruit and vegetables turned into crisps and in a choice of 5 different ones. Krazy Kubes I think are a rather new addition and as the title states are fruity cubes, Gingerbread buddies cute little gingerbread men made with wholemeal flour, ginger and lots of love.

All the snacks of course are made from natural ingredients, a combination of real fruits and vegetables and pure goodness. All free from artificial nasties.
As well as a choice of snacks there are also the new Wibble Wobble jelly pots . These pots are just the right size for the little ones and in 3 tempting fruit flavours. Fruit pieces are inside the jelly and the jelly is made from water, fruit juices and natural flavourings.

The majority of the snacks are suitable for babies aged 7 months and over or when a baby is able to chew food. Age guidelines differ for each snack so it’s always best to read each label. Parent supervision is of course always required when babies and toddlers are eating.
Older kids will enjoy them too. Only problem is that older kids can read labels and so will know what’s in them. However Ryan happily tried and even liked some of them. Jordanna enjoys most of them (except raisins) and Izebella seems to like all of them that she has so far tried.





The snacks can be found in most supermarkets. However stores stock different ones. A list of where each one can be viewed here.

Healthy snacks are an important part of the daily diet for growing, active tots.They need constant refuelling throughout their busy days to keep them going.

Natural, healthy fruit and vegetable snacks with no nasties
Kiddylicious – tasty, nutritious, fun snacks that mums love to give and little ones love to eat.


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