Baby Born Interactive doll & Magic Potty

I have two very happy little girls in my house with the recent arrival of our new baby girl.
The baby girl being our new Baby Born Interactive doll and the addition of a magic potty too.

Baby Born interactive doll

The Baby Born dolls need no introduction. They are seen regularly on tv advertisements and in parenting magazines, even more so the closer it gets to Christmas.

Baby Born measures 43cm making her very life like, a similar size to an average newborn baby. She comes ready dressed in a cute pink short sleeved romper suit and matching hat. She also wears a tiny nappy. Her clothes are all removable.

It’s easy to see why so many girls love and want a Baby Born doll and why they are high up on many Christmas lists. They are very cute and so life like.

Baby Born comes with 10 accessories. A potty, bottle, feeding bowl, spoon, dummy, extra nappy, credit card birth certificate, bracelet, necklace and her porridge.


The accessories are used with the doll as part of the interactive features of which there are 8. These interactive features include.

Opening/closing eyes
Using potty


The bottle can be filled with water and Fed to Baby Born. The porridge food is a mixture of sugar and starch and is combined with water in the doll bowl, then fed to the doll with a spoon. Once fed baby born will sit on her potty and pee when her belly button is pressed.



The doll requires no batteries not plugs or chargers. She has a hard body and still great for lots of cuddles as my girls have been finding out.


Cost Baby Born Interactive has an age guide of 3 years. The spoon and bracelets are fairly small and may cause a choking hazard for younger children. Although Izebella plays no problem at all.
Prices for the doll vary greatly from store to store. Smyths toys currently sell the doll instore for Β£33.49. This is one of the lowest prices I have seen it for.

Many accessories and outfits can be purchased for the Baby Born interactive doll.

Magic Potty

This magic potty is one of the many interactive accessories to be used with the Baby Born dolls. It is a separate purchase and not an essential purchase. The doll is fine on it’s own but it does add to the whole interactive excitement and role play.
The toilet is pink and white which coincidently is also the same pink shade as Izebellas pink and white potty.

This flushing toilet has a toilet seat and lid, both of which lift up as required. There is also a rather cute toilet roll holder to attach to the toilet which even contains a small roll of paper. I did find the toilet roll holder kept coming off and I have to reattach it.


When Baby Born is sat on the potty, realistic pee, poop and pump sounds will play. It’s actually quite funny. When Baby Born is taken off the potty, clapping and cheering is heard. Then the top button can be pressed to flush the toilet.

In this photo you may just beable to see the dolls pee in the potty.

We made a short video of Baby Born on her magic potty too and this can be viewed on YOU TUBE where you can hear the poop/pump effects.

Everytime Izebella goes potty she now sits the doll on her potty too. It’s quite funny to watch.

Again the price for the magic potty varies from store to store but expect to pay around Β£30.

To buy the doll and magic potty together makes quite an expensive buy. I will say that both the doll and potty seem very tough and durable and likely to last a good few years. They could also be passed down to younger siblings when outgrown. Baby Born would make an excellent Christmas gift for any little girl and the accessories could always be purchased as smaller gifts or for birthdays at a later date.

Baby Born is part of the Zapf Dolls group. Many accessories and replacement items can be purchased from their website. The Zapf creation website also provides information on upcoming products.

I will be hosting a fabulous competition later on today to win a baby born product. Check back later.


  1. August 7, 2014 / 14:54

    I think this would just make a great Christmas gift, it is simply a really nice toy.


  2. August 10, 2014 / 20:29

    My daughter would love this, but I do think they are quite expensive when you add in all the accessories. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Anonymous
    June 19, 2015 / 23:30

    that look awesome

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