Zelicious Zelfs Twitter Party

Wednesday was our Twitter Party day. We were all very happy to be chosen as party hosts thanks to Character Options and UK Mums Tv .

We were sent a large box which was full of party goodies. Plates, cups, posters, crayons, cakes, sweets, cake icing plus lots more and of course the Zelfs themselves. 12 Zelfs in total, enough for all the guests.


In total there was 8 children including my 3 and friends from our street. Children’s ages from 1-10 years and both boys and girls.
The party started at 2pm with the guests arriving at about 1.50.
In the box were several ideas for games of which we played a few such as a smelling game where children have to guess certain smells. We also did our own musical bumps and statues Zelf style.


Oh I should also mention that as the weather was warm we had the party outside and I am glad I did as it saved a lot of cleaning up ha.

I made some food, sandwiches, sausage rolls, etc. We were sent a pack of cake buns along with two different types of icing/ frosting and a tub of candy floss. I had some sprinkles in the cupboard and I let the kids decorate their own cakes. Zelf style of course.


We also attempted some Zelf hairstyles using a few included hair accessories.



At the end of the party Ryan and Jordanna gave out party bags. Each bag contained sweets, posters, puzzles, sweets, hair accessory, crayons and their own special Zelicious Scented Zelf. These Zelfs are the latest addition to the Zelf collection and each one has it’s own special scent such as Chocolate Chocolaa who has a delicious chocolate aroma.

Each Zelf comes with an accessory too.

All the children enjoyed the party. There were lots of games, music, activities, dancing and food; which all got ate. They all loved their party bags (even the boys) and the weather remained lovely for a great Zelf Garden party.



Izebella loved it too despite being unwell with a cold. She is slightly young for the age guide of the Zelfs (3 and over) but still enjoys playing with them with supervision. She was worn out at the end of the party.



I still say these Zelfs remind me of my retro troll collection from back in the day. God I sound old.
Anyway I still have a few lurking around such as this one.


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