Marzipan love: Niederegger

Marzipan always went down well as a lovely treat when I was younger. Over the years I have not seen it about so much.. until now that is.


The Neideregger brand started in 1806 in LΓΌbeck Germany by confectioner John Georg Niederegger.
Niederegger is now a successful family run business which is now in it’s 7th generation. There aim is to produce the best marzipan in the world.
The secret of the Neideregger marzipan is a closely guarded recipe which has been handed down over the generations. It contains a mixture of almonds, sugar and a secret ingredient which is believed to be similar to rose water.
Of course only the highest ingredients are used and the nuts are still roasted in traditional cauldrons as they were in the early days.
The marzipan is now enjoyed all over the world. Neideregger produce a large variety of tasty marzipan products. Luscious cherries, chocolate, fruity varieties, Summer tablets and even a Marzipan cream Liquer can all be purchased. All of which make excellent gifts throughout the year and especially at Christmas time.

I am very lucky to be sampling some Marzipan goodies myself. Luckily they have survived the hot weather too.

First is the Marzipan assortment box containing 14 individual delicious pieces. Chocolate coated marzipan hearts, mini loaves and fruit filled marzipan pieces make up this delightful box.
The first thing that stood out with this box and my other products is the packaging. It is very bright, bold and shiny with trims of gold and deep red. Yes it certainly reminds me of Christmas.

Also in my lovely box of treats was this 16 piece classic box. It contains 16 gourmet mini marzipan loaves. Each one covered in a layer of thick dark indulgent chocolate. I believe the boxes come in 8 piece too as well as mixed loaf varieties.



Then finally a 200g Marzipan loaf.

This bar is 200g of pure marzipan paste engulfed in an ocean of dark chocolate. Great for slicing and sharing but I may just keep this all to myself for my late night indulgences.

I had not tasted marzipan for several years and had forgotten just how good it tastes. Especially so when it’s wrapped in thick dark chocolate, just heavenly. My children like it too which is no big surprise so I have to hide them away until they are tucked up in bed.

Niederegger marzipan products can be found in many good food shops and department stores. They can also be purchased directly online at Chocolates Direct UK. Prices for these luxury delights remain fairly low starting at just Β£1.18 upwards when purchased online.

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