Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Making Kit

Well my kids are enjoying the school holidays so far with lots of sunshine and places to go.
In the evenings just before bed they can get a little fed up and tend to moan they have nothing to do.
Well these passed few days they have been rather busy in the evenings making cards for various people thanks to their Very Hungry Caterpillar Card Making Kit

This card making kit was kindly sent to us by Not the Usual who sell a wide variety of quirky, fun and unusual gifts with a varying selection of themes and well known brand names.
This card kit is part of a big “Very Hungry Caterpillar collection” of gifts.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is of course a rather famous children’s story book by author Eric Carley. The book is actually 45 years old this year and a variety of products featuring the well known loveable Caterpillar can now be purchased.


With this kit comes enough bits to make 8 cards. Inside the box are the cards, envelopes, sticker sheets and push out card shapes with sticky pads.


The stickers are letters, numbers, stars, hearts and slogans such as “Happy Birthday. The push out shapes are objects from the story.

We have a few birthdays coming up including my mothers and my children’s Aunty. I always think home made cards are much nicer than shop bought and especially when it comes from a child. They are like little unique “One offs”. The lettered stickers mean children do not need to write on the front of the card, they can if they wish or they can just use the stickers. The envelopes give the cards the finishing touch and the cards look really nice once finished.



And yes I know, I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that Grandma has no R at the end.

The Card making kit costs Β£8.95 and you will beable to find and purchase this at Not the Usual as well as view the other products from the same range.

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