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Read with me Violet is a playful interactive pup from Leapfrog. There is a male version too called Scout. The puppy is aimed at children aged 2-5 years and can be purchased from most good toy retailers.

Izebella has been busy testing Violet out. Violet is her new best friend and is so bright and cuddly in a lovely purple colour.


Violet comes with 5 small books. The books are fairly tough, made from hard tough card so designed to be handled by tots. Each book is a short different story.


The books have their own number 1-5 and also their own unique colour. Each book corresponds to a number and colour on Violets collar.


When first switched on to story mode, Violet will give a warm greeting and ask Izebella to choose a story. Izebella will then select a story and press the correct number/colour on Violets collar (with some help from me!). Violet then reads out that story and me and Izebella can read along too from the book. Throughout each story Violet will stop and ask questions or will ask for a pat on the head. Her head also contains an interactive button.


To see Violet and Izebella playing you can view our video here on YOU TUBE.

The puppy also has other interactive features such as the music paw which when pressed will make Violet sing various songs.

The other paw with the bone on is the friendly paw. When pressed, Violet says a variety of friendly phrases.

There is a cheek sensor too for lots of kisses and patting. I think this is a lovely addition as Izebella just loves to give kisses.



As well as the main story mode switch there is also a Sleepy time mode switch option. This is a more relaxed experience which does not require the books. The other sensors are deactivated in this mode to allow lots of quiet cuddles. Violet will go to sleep once the story is completed unless prompted for a second one. The music switch works in this mode and plays gentle lullabies which differ from the music played in Story mode.

Izebella is loving her new friend. She is not 2 just yet but knows how to press the buttons and make her sing. The puppy is very educational and little ones will love interacting with her. It helps with many areas of learning including – numbers 1-5, colours, colour matching, animal names, reading, songs, story connection and much more. There are over 70 different engagement questions over the 5 books.

The 5 colourfully illustrated board books teach: 1) Rhyming—helps children learn about the sounds of language and build phonological awareness, 2) Learn-about—learn about the world through reading 3) Narrative—learn about how stories are put together, with characters, settings, and a sequence of events, 4) Pattern—learn with rhymes, refrains and repetition to predict what comes next, and 5) Concept—explore concepts like colours to label and classify new information.

The books are very easy to handle with pictures and large text. Obviously Izebella cannot read yet but they probably make really good first reading books too for when she does.

The books are small enough for small hands and made of card rather than paper so they can’t be easily ripped.

Read with me Violet is a lovely cuddly friend. She can be played with during the day and can be cuddled through the night.



To find out more about Read with me Violet/Scout, visit the page at Leapfrog



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