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I am trying to change my diet and the things I eat. My weight is fine, I can lose that easily and I weigh just under 9stone. The problem is my stomach. I exercise daily and my upper abs are starting to feel harder. The problem lies with my lower stomach and this awful bulge around my triple C section scar. I’m beginning to wonder if it will ever go.
I do enjoy sweet things. Chocolate bars and cakes. Maybe this is where my problem lies. Maybe it’s all the sugar going to my lower stomach.

Anyway a company called The Primal Kitchen sent me out some of their bars to try. Their bars obviously being far more healthy and nutritious than the chocolate ones I am used to.


The bars come in 3 varieties. All of which I found quite tasty, as did Izebella who just has to have some of whatever I’m eating.
The flavours are Almond & Cashew, Brazil nut & Cherry and Coconut & Macadamia.


The bars are handmade here in the UK. All cold-pressed and each containing no more than 5 healthy ingredients.
They are free of just about every nasty and anything that causes allergies. Fine for those with gluten free diets, vegetarians, vegans and just about everyone else. No junk whatsoever just great tasting fruits, nuts, almond oil and healthy ingredients.


Now when trying health bars such as these. I am always a little wary as to whether I will like them or not. This is for two reasons. The first being that I sometimes find them a little bland boring or even down right disgusting in taste. (Not the case this time tho!)
The second reason is that I really dislike “dried fruit”. By dried fruit I mean raisins, currants, sultanas and other similar yukky sticky renamed dried out fruits. I do however like dried apple, banana, coconut and apricots. It’s only when the fruit turns black and gets renamed, it then tastes horrible in my opinion.


So with the above dislikes in mind and previous experience of testing out various similar products; I was not expecting much from these bars. I was pleasantly surprised!!
No dried fruits, and if they are in there, then they must be so small I cannot taste them. No boring awful flavour- all the bars tasted lovely. Like a sponge mixed with a chewy cereal bar. The consistency of the bars was spot on and the flavours just delightful. My favourite one being the Coconut & Macadamia which itself was quite sweet and just bursting with yummy coconut pieces and flavour.

Overall these bars would make a good alternative quick breakfast or a lunchbox snack instead of a chocolate bar. Also great as part of a weight loss diet as they don’t contain anything to worry about.
These bars are still fairly new. Only launched in March this year. They can be purchased directly from The Primal Kitchen and also been bought from Ocado, a selection of leading health stores and selected gyms. Β£1.49 each.

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