Toys fit for a prince: Rainbow designs

Can you believe our future king is almost a year old? It does not seen like that long ago when I like many was watching the news in anticipation for a sneak peek at the new royal baby.
Prince George turns one on July 22nd and whilst he may be a royal and the future king, he is still a tot who probably loves his toys just like any other.
Rainbow Designs have so many interesting and beautiful toys just fit for the royal prince. Many of them look so vintage and retro, created with inspirations from childhoods past. There are characters both past and present from Paddington bear to Charlie & Lola.
There are soft toys, wooden toys, bears, books, jigsaws and so much more to choose from.

Izebella has been sent two very special toys from Rainbow Designs.
The first is something which everyone will possibly relate to and remember something very similar.

Hungry Caterpillar Wooden Pull-along

This retro looking toy is part of the Hungry Caterpillar collection of toys. The Hungry Caterpillar is of course a very famous children’s book.
I have seen many different versions of this popular pull along toy. From very old original versions right up to the battery operated interactive one of today. However nothing beats originality and this cheery looking toy certainly reminds me of my very young childhood days.

It consists simply of a few wooden blocks, attached together by a cord. The parts all twist round so the caterpillar can be made into different shapes and then pulled along.
The cord is very short so there is no danger of a child putting it around their neck.

Izebella seems to like it and it’s perfect for her age too, coming with an age guide of 12 months.


I am positive I had something very similar when I was little. A pull along caterpillar toy. I can’t remember if it was wooden or metal, tho I know it did not have batteries. I think this is one of them type of toys that will always be around, that may alter a little with the times but will never really go out of fashion.
It’s also a toy that with proper care may just last a lifetime.
RRP Β£17.99

Peter Rabbit Wind up Jack in the box

I was quite excited, almost like a child myself when I knew Izebella would be getting this toy. My excitement then turned to worry before it arrived.
Jordanna has a fear of clowns. Even tho this does not contain a clown, she also has a fear of Jack in the boxes.
I’m unsure why as I do not recall her ever having one.
However my fears were diminished, as she was fine once she saw it.

Jack in the Box
Jack in the boxes are something which every adult will no doubt recall from their childhood days. A tin box with a winder. You wind it up then out pops a toy, puppet or in most cases a rather eerie looking clown. It does make me wonder how these rather scary things got in the shops. It can be a little heart pounding not knowing when the clown was going to pop up. Some of them made strange noises as they popped up too, making them all the more eerie.

Luckily this more updated version of the classic Jack in the Box is a much nicer and less scary toy.

Instead of a scary clown, it’s the rather cute and cuddly Peter Rabbit that pops up instead.
The toy again is very vintage and retro, being in an old fashioned tin box with a metal winder.

The box is beautifully decorated with tales and images of Peter Rabbit and friends. The box winds to the music of “Pop goes the weasel”. The winder can be turned as fast or as slowly as you wish to give the element of surprise.



This toy comes with an age guide of 18 months.
Izebella does like it but does seem ever so slightly wary of it. She knows what it does and that a rabbit pops out but obviously does not realise when and the anticipation on her face is quite funny. She will sometimes even hide her face waiting for the rabbit to pop out. Once it pops she will laugh her head off and then ask for it again and again.



It’s an absolute classic toy. It’s just beautiful. The sort of thing you may just expect to find in a royal nursery.
I think it will need a lot of looking after tho as it seems quite a delicate thing. Its nice to keep on a bedroom shelf on display and use it when Izebella asks. She can’t wind it herself yet and it’s not something for rough and tumble play.
It has an RRP of Β£24.99 and again is one of those keepsake toys to keep for a long time.

Both of these toys can be purchased from John Lewis and independent toy retailers.




  1. July 11, 2014 / 18:22

    Lovely old fashioned, classic and timeless toys! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  2. July 16, 2014 / 10:34

    LOVE the caterpillar pull along, my little boy would adore that! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. korina
    August 12, 2014 / 00:12

    Where did you buy this peter rabbit jack in the box ??????????????

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