Morrisons does delivery

Yah! My favourite supermarket is now doing deliveries. My favourite of course being Morrissons.

I have posted about Morrisons previously and how much I love the food quality and freshness. This time it’s all about the home delivery service which has recently started up here in certain areas of the North West.

Getting Started
I was asked if I would like to review the home delivery service to celebrate the launch. Of course I said yes. I was given a voucher code to the value of £80. I had to register for an account online which was a very easy process. If you shop on line at other supermarkets then it isn’t any different. I was very happy to find there was also a mobile app to make things ten times easier. The app is available in apple App Store.

I found the products a little limited compared to what other stores have. However I’m thinking this is most likely because it’s a new service and I have found that they are adding new products all the time. Obviously there are a lot more products in the actual store but then you have to carry bags home.
The online store and app were very easy to use. I found it really easy to find what I wanted as everything is in easy find categories with sub categories. There is a search option too.

Deliveries take place 7 days a week. Slots can be reserved as early as 6.30 right up to 11.30pm at night. Meaning there will be a time to suit even the busiest people.
The one thing I love about online shopping is that I can check my basket numerous times to see what’s in it. I can add/remove items at touch of a button (no need to manually put things back). Once I checkout I still have several hours to go back and change things. I added several products after checkout. When shopping at a store I always forget things, shopping online means I rarely do.
I spent a total of £87 and was charged a few pound for delivery.
Many items were on all sorts of different offers. The offers were easy to find and view.

The Delivery
I booked a Sunday morning delivery between 9-10am. Most supermarkets near me don’t open Sunday mornings.
Prior to the delivery I received both an email and text telling me my shopping was on the way.
The driver arrived at approximately 9.20am. He was very friendly, said good morning and greeted me with a smile. He went through my invoice in great detail. I had no substitutions and he explained how different types of products are put in different colour bags (fresh, frozen, cupboard) this helps with the unpacking.

Look at all this!! OMG! Did I buy that much?


What did I buy
For my £87 I got a lot and I mean a lot. Possibly my biggest shop in a long while. I didn’t count the bags but looking back at the photograph above I would say maybe 17/18. It took me a long time to unpack with photographs inbetween.


Fresh produce includes lots of fruit, veg, salad, yoghurts, desserts, fresh meats, dairy products. A few of the meat products went in the freezer as I knew I wouldn’t use them all within the use by date.


My cupboard items included tinned goods such as spaghetti, beans, fish etc. plus crisps, chocolates, biscuits, pasta sauces, onions. Also cleaning products and washing powder.


Frozen obviously being all the frozen food products. Chips, meats, chicken products, ice creams etc.

Morrisons do recycle the bags. I was left with a fair few so whatever I don’t end up using I’ll be returning to the driver on my next shop.

I was very impressed with just how much I was able to buy for £87. I don’t think I would of got anywhere near this amount of produce for that price at other supermarkets. I bought many goods on offer such as the 3 for £10 on meat products where I was able to buy a medium sized chicken, burgers and a 20 pack of bacon. I also bought a lot of “Morrisons own” branded products which I have found taste just as good as any others.

Cooking & Value for money

I have been busy making various meals for us all with our shopping from Morrisons. As well as cooking meals we also got a fair few sweet treats out of it and cleaning/laundry products.

Morrisons own cheese&tomato pizza, garlic bread and French fries. I made this for my children. The pizzas are just 60p each and the garlic bread just 30p. The chips just £1.00. As you can work out a very cheap meal indeed and not too unhealthy I don’t think.

I love prawns and I love salad. The prawns cost just £1.79 with spring onion and tomatoes less than £1.00.


I know not everyone likes prawns or onions but there are plenty of other salad items to choose from. Most under £1.00 and a selection of cooked meats on offer 2 packs for £3.50.



For just a few pound I was able to make a nice cooked breakfast. The items all Morissons own except for the beans which are Heinz. The 20 pack bacon is part of the 3 for £10 offer and the sausages just £1.00 per pack.


Also (as above) in the 3 for £10 meat deal was my medium full chicken which would not fit in the freezer so had to be cooked fairly quickly. Everything on my roast dinner was from Morissons. Chips £1.00, Cabbage 0.69p, Broccoli 0.49p, Stuffing 0.59p, Yorkshire pudding 0.40p, and gravy £1.25. Again a very cheap family meal and healthy too.


A quick easy meal for the kids consisted of Ginos popcorn style chicken in a big 500g bag. These are also on offer at BOGOF £2.79 and include Ginos chicken nuggets too. Add to this a packet of Batchelors pasta sauce (chicken & mushroom) for just 50p per packet which feeds my 3 no problem.


I have many more meals to make. I think this post may resemble a book if I included everything so I won’t. Anyway on to a few desserts and sweet treats.
Rocky road dessert tub went down very well at the slightly high price of £2.99. It was nice tho.


I bought some digestive biscuits, marscapone, whipping cream and chocolate. All for under £5 to make this lovely dessert cake.


Morrisons is excellent value. I made and ate all of the above and still have lots more to show for it. I also bought a lot of fresh fruit. Snacks and a few odd treats for myself.
I have enjoyed this experience and will be using Morrisons delivery service again soon.



  1. June 23, 2014 / 10:24

    Ohh no! I’ve just checked and they don’t deliver to my area yet….I so want to try them! The nearest store to me is a half hour bus ride away so hardly ever go….The food all looks delicious!

  2. June 26, 2014 / 10:40

    I love Morrisons but my closest is a bit too far to regularly shop there. Can’t wait until they deliver in my area! #triedandtested

  3. June 30, 2014 / 12:39

    Gosh, you got heaps for your money! I love that Morrisons now do delivery 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. Colette B
    June 30, 2014 / 21:42

    I’ve been so excited about the prospect of Morribobs delivery coming to my local area and am in the process of doing my first order – though like you was surprised by how limited some of the range is.
    Thanks for linking up wtih #TriedTested this week x

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