Hallmark: more than just cards

When you think of Hallmark, the first thing that probably springs to mind is cards. They are probably one of the biggest sellers of greetings cards but they also sell a lot of lovely gifts for all occasions.
We were delighted to receive some lovely children’s gifts from Hallmark
and have been busy trying them out.

Fairy Grandmother Interactive story book

A delightful interactive story book aimed at young children ages 3 and over. Unlike some other interactive books, there is only one button to press which is the on/off button at the top. The main character is the Fairy Grandmother who interacts with the child throughout the magically story.

When first using the book and switching on, a short introduction will be heard. The way it works is that the parent reads aloud the text on each page. Then the Fairy Grandmother talks to the child and asks questions. The child or parent answers and the Fairy Grandmother responds again. It’s really quite clever how it works. Although it’s aimed at 3 year olds, Izebella loves it too and will happily sit on my knee and talk to the book.
The book comes with batteries ready installed too so it can be used straight away.
It is beautifully illustrated with pictures of big dragons, unicorns, pumpkins and much more. Children will be fascinated how the book responds to them.

If not used for a few minutes, the book will be heard saying goodbye and will automatically switch off.
This book can be purchased for Β£14.99.

Until we Hug again bear

Every little boy and girl loves their teddy bears. I find boys tend to outgrow them but girls love them at any age. I even have a few myself.
This bear is made even more special than most. It lets parents record a special message that can be played over and over with a gentle press or squeeze of it’s tummy.

This bear is very cuddly and makes an excellent bedtime companion. Any message can be recorded, such as “I love you”, or “mummy is here”. This means young children can always hear their parents voice when they have their bear friend. Messages can be up to 30 seconds long.

The messages can be re recorded over and over or they can be locked and preserved forever by a hidden locking button in the battery door.

The bear makes a lovely gift for children who are scared at night time or for a child who may be in hospital or away from their parents for what ever reason.
My bear message to Izebella simply says I love you.
The bear can be purchased for Β£14.99.

To show you how both products work I thought it was best to make a short video of these lovely gifts in action.
You can view our video on YOUTUBE

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