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You would be right in thinking that you have seen a Sky Dancers post on my blog before. Well don’t worry this is not a re blog or the same item over again.
Character have brought out a whole new Sky Dancer doll called Starfly. The doll is named Airabella and she really does fly.

The doll is aimed at little girls aged 5 and over and certainly has a very girly appeal to it. The doll and base are in bright eye catching pink.
The dolls base is also a charging unit which requires 4 AA batteries. No further plugs are needed. The doll attaches to the base via a small cable and needs up to 20 minutes charge time. The back of the doll will continually flash red whilst charging then stop once fully charged.
When we first got the Starfly doll we did cheat a little with the charging and unplugged after ten minutes as we couldn’t wait to see what it did.

Once charged, Airabella stands on her stand via her shoe. A button is pressed and she will spin very fast and then take off. The doll goes very high at first and it can take a few tries to get used to it. Jordanna jumped at first when the doll started flying and spinning.


The doll soars right up to the sky, spinning and flapping her wings as she goes. Our ceilings are low and the doll hits it every time. We did try it outside and it flew over the gate into the neighbours garden.


Once we got used to the doll taking off and flying it was time to try and control her and this is done using your hand to bring her up and down and side to side. If your child has ever owned one of those round hover toys then this is similar but much prettier to look at. It takes a little practice but Jordanna was a professional after a few tries. We made a short video of the doll in action which you can view on You Tube. (Please excuse my messy kitchen sides full of Easter eggs).

I was quite surprised at just how long Jordanna got off a short charge. I didn’t time it but it seemed to last a long long time and she got lots of goes from it. Then back on a short charge and the fun starts again.
Izebella enjoys watching big sis play with the Sky Dancer doll and watches in amazement as it flies off. I just have to make sure she is out of the way when it lands.
It’s a great toy. I’m not sure who enjoys it most at the moment out of me and Jordanna. It is certainly a toy that would of been on my wish list when I was her age. Lots of fun for playing both inside and out. Tho beware as it does fly very high and fast and likely to be lost in larger gardens.

I have no idea just how long the batteries will last but I always use Duracell in toys anyway. The doll costs Β£19.99 and more details can be found over at Character Online.


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