Red Box Jigsaw Puzzle

The Red Box Jigsaw Puzzle comes from Ravensburger. It is designed in mind for adults rather than children and has been keeping me busy in the evenings.
It contains a massive 1000 pieces. The pieces feature the “soft click technology” which results in an absolutely smooth puzzle. (Rather than one full of bumps)

The puzzle has a very fascinating and intriguing design with an obvious oriental feel to it. It’s almost like a box of oddities. If you can imagine a magic oriental puzzle box with all sorts of weird and wonderful things inside then this puzzle captures that.

It’s like a true masterpiece in it’s own way, of course it has to be built and put together first and with a 1000 pieces this takes a lot of time.
The puzzle features various windows and boxes. Each has something different inside. Chinese lanterns, Buddhas, parasols, masks and lots more can be found. A whole host of strange creatures are just waiting to be put together along with a glimpse into another world. There is even one of those impossible staircase pictures which always fascinate me.

The jigsaw art is by Colin Thompson and once completed you won’t want to break this puzzle up again but rather glue it together and put on a wall.
I have seen this remarkable puzzle in a few shops whilst out and about including The Entertainer and even Asda. It can probably be purchased from most good toy stores and comes with an RRP of approximately Β£20

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