Vita Coco Kids

Vita Coco are launching a delicious new range of natural fruit coconut waters for kids.

They are available in two flavours: Classic Apple & Blackcurrant and Mango & a Pineapple and known as Vita Coco Kids.
The drinks are much healthier than other leading chilled drinks as they have less sugars and calories than others. The Vita Coco kids contain naturally occurring potassium and are made from pure coconut water which comes from young green coconuts. The coconut water is then blended with natural fruit flavourings and yet drinks are totally free from artificial colourings and preservatives.

We were sent some drinks in each flavour to try out. All 3 of my children liked them. They reminded me of a PiΓ±a Colada dink with a lovely sweet and tropical taste, tho obviously without the alcohol.
The drinks come in kid size cartons with straws, making them good for lunch boxes as well as morning drinks/They can be purchased in boxes of four and should be available in most supermarkets throughout Spring.

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