The Baking Tree: Cake kits for all the family

The Baking Tree have a great selection of very easy cake kits. They are a great way to keep kids entertained for a few hours on a rainy day aswel as of course providing a delicious home made sweet treat.
The cakes include different varieties of cake pops and cookie pops. The kits come with full easy to follow instructions plus all the ingredients you need. The only things I found I needed was a little butter and the odd egg or two. Even the cake sticks and a foam block are provided.
The cake kits are designed for all the family and this includes young children from age 5 upwards. The kits come in a recyclable box which can be reused as a gift box for children to put their finished cakes inside.

One of the kits I used is the rainbow cake pop kit.
I have seen pop cakes at weddings and parties but never imagined me and my children could make them.

The kit contained several packets of mixes, cake pop sticks, a foam block and full instructions.

To begin with we had to make an easy chocolate cake using the cake mix. This took around 20 minutes and then the cake needed breaking up and adding to a buttercream mix.


Once I made the mixture, it was separated into 10 lots (the packet does say you can make 12, but ours were a little big). These lots were made into balls and placed in freezer for 30-40 mins until hard. Once hard we melted down the chocolate buttons and places the cake balls into sticks. Then dipped into the melted and put sprinkles on them.

We ended up with 8 pop cakes in the end as two of them fell apart whilst coating in chocolate. This was probably down to either not leaving them to cool for long enough or Ryan and Jordanna being too rough with them.
The cake pops tasted just as good as any I have tried before and considering my children did a lot of the making, I think they turned out quite well too.
The cake pops took about 2 hours in all to make and this involves baking, chilling, and coating.
We also have a Polka dot cookie pop kit this will come in handy one day in the Easter holidays I think.

The cake kits cost just Β£12.99 and can be purchased directly from The Baking Tree>

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