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The Jumping Bean Bag Programme is a package consisting of a fun DVD, Bean bags and books. It is designed to both entertain and educate kids at home or in school. The DVD consists of a fun workout programme and kids of any age can join in. Even the big kids too.
The exercises on the DVD can help to stimulate growth, aid development and encourage co ordination as well as having lots of fun whilst doing it.
The DVD is made by Mandy Gwynne Jones and the JBBC team. The exercises are easy to follow and include stretches and jumping/ hopping activities. The green beanie is used in many of the exercises.
I was sent a Jumping Bean Bag package to test out with my children. Due to a day of sickness, they had to have 48 hours off school which gave us the perfect opportunity to test the DVD out for the first time.
Our package contained a DVD, Beanies, books, badges, stickers and instructions.

The badges can be worn throughout the workout and the stickers given after as a reward.
The DVD lasts around 40 minutes and kids can simply be left to it. They all really enjoyed it, even little Izebella happily joined in. Although she went round pinching all the bean bags. I was really surprised that she could follow it a little at the age of 17 months.
I made a short video of my children doing some exercises. It is on You Tube as I don’t have videos on my blog just yet.
The video can be viewed by link only here

It is so important to get children to exercise and get them more physically active. Most children these days would happily sit in a bedroom playing computer games (mine included). There are so many child health scares in the media today including child obesity. A lot of the time parents do not have much time to get their children out doing something due to work commitments. So why not bring the exercise to your home with the Jumping Bean Bag pack. Children of any age can join in and once they have done it once they will want it back on over and over again.


The DVD has 7 chapters which starts with an introduction. I go through each of them in order and my children just love it.
As well as the Jumping Bean Bag DVD. There are also four Beany Adventure books. One for each season. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The books also have some fun exercise practice games in them as well as some fun stories.

The books also show Beany Bean bag so younger children will enjoy seeing their own Beany in their books.

The Jumping Bean Bag products come in various packs and selections. You can choose to buy the whole package or just the DVD or books. The complete package which includes the DVD, four books, badges, stickers and a guide can be purchased at a discount price of just £24.95. The full range of products can be found in the Online store




  1. familyfever
    April 2, 2014 / 12:37

    Great way to gets kids active, especially over the winter when you can’t get outside so much! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. April 3, 2014 / 17:05

    This looks great. My kids would love it. Great review!!!! #triedtested

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