Pop Chips

Do you love chips, crisps and baked snacks but perhaps want something just as tasty but much healthier? That was my thoughts when I recently decided to give Pop Chips a try.

Pop Chips come in a variety of great tasting flavours. They originated in the USA and unlike crisps or usual similar snacks, they are not baked nor fried but air popped like pop corn. Making them this way makes them far more healthier as they contain half the fat of fried crisps.

Pop Chips have the appearance of something in-between a crisp and cracker. They are sort of round in shape with bubbly bits if that makes any sense. They look a little like the prawn crackers you get at a Chinese.

I have tried four flavours of Pop Chips and my favourite was Barbeque. It has a lovely smokey flavour. The other varieties taste great too: Sour Cream & Onion, Sea salt and vinegar and original.
Pop Chips are available at Tesco, Sainburys and Boots stores.
More information can be found at the pop chips website

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