Create with Suteki

Suteki is a creative station aimed at young girls aged 5 and over. It is part of Flair toys Cool Create range.
The word Suteki is Japanese and means awesome.
The set consists of Coloured frames, card, stencils, paints and a big stamper which looks like a trophy.

Suteki is all about creating beautiful framed pictures using stencils and stamping.
There are 3 different pictures to create although you can mix the stencils up if you wish. We haven’t tried this yet tho.
Each picture (owl, monkey, funky girl) has 3 stencils. The instructions show the best order to use each stencil in but you can change this.
You start off using the lightest colour (yellow) and gradually go darker through pink, purple and black. At least your supposed to anyway to her best results. Jordanna however has other ideas.
The big trophy has a stamper on it which kids dab in the paint and then stamp in the stencil.

You are then meant to wait until the first layer has dried and then apply the second stencil and repeat using a different colour.

Then the third stencil and your picture is complete.

Little masterpiece eh? Well not quite finished yet. Once dried it’s time to frame. The frames are plastic and you just pop the front bit out, pop picture in and put back on. The frames have a sticky back to stick on walls.

Suteki is lots of fun and can get a little messy but the paint washes off easily with water. The only downside of Suteki is that you only get enough cards and frames to make 3 pictures and then it’s finished so the set doesn’t really last long. The card is easy enough to get hold of but we would probably need to purchase extra frames from Flair. Apart from that the end pictures are really nice.
Although the set is aimed at young girls I don’t see any reason why boys can’t use this too.
There are many other sets in the Cool Create range. There is also a Cool Create Club online which children can go on for cool activities.

With over 75% of parents concerned about a dwindling creative play presence in the national curriculum (results from a recent survey on Parental portal; it’s important to provide the right tools to inspire them at home. Well rest assured, creative play will come alive with the great selection of kits in Flair’s Cool Create® collection. Carefully developed, there’s a whole new world of crafting to be experienced ensuring that creating, crafting and art are far from a dying playtime activity.

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