Dennis the Menace Farting Football

Golden Bear have bought out a new range of toys themed around Beano Dennis the Menace. One of those toys is this football.

It features Dennis the Menace his self and his faithful pet dog Gnasher. It may look like a normal soft football but when it’s kicked or thrown it makes disgusting fart sounds. It’s perfect for children like Ryan who enjoy silly thighs and like playing jokes on people.
The fart noises are different each time. Some long farts, some short ones. Each one will make you go eeugh.
It’s a harmless fun joke toy which made my children laugh their heads off every time they use it.

It reminds me a little of a “Whoopie cushion” type toy except that it’s thrown rather than sat on. I imagine this is a toy that boys will prefer rather than girls. The batteries are already in the toy when you get it too.
It’s a soft ball and therefore better for indoor use rather than outside.

The farting ball is suitable for children ages 3 and over. However this didn’t stop little Izebella from picking it up a few times.

The farting ball can be purchased for Β£9.99 from Argos

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