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The muppet sequel will arrive in cinemas across the UK this month. If your children (or yourself) never watched the first one or if perhaps you are a dedicated muppet fan and just want to know more about the crazy characters then you should think about purchasing this book. On the other hand if you have never heard of the muppets (perhaps you have been on a remote island all your life) then you should also buy this book.
Muppet fans everywhere both young and old will love this Disney Muppet Encyclopaedia from dk books.

It’s huge and packed full of colourful character pictures and descriptions. The book is an A-Z of everything to do with the muppets. Starting with Afghan Hound and ending with Zoot each page gives you a different muppet character to learn about.

Each character is described with detail including their muppet debut, likes and dislikes.
The book includes every character that has appeared in the muppets. This includes the very popular and well known ones such as the lovely Miss Piggy

20140226-093034.jpg and many other popular faces and also includes many I have never heard of before. As well as middle characters who pop up from time to time.

As well as all the characters, the book also shows some scenery images such as Backstage

Every muppet fan will want one of these books. Especially with the release of the new movie.
The book costs Β£9.99 and is hardback with 200 pages of pure muppets.

About the author

Craig Shemin is a long-time Muppets expert, writer, producer, and close friend of Fozzie Bear. He has been a constant presence in the Muppets universe since 1987, first as a member of the Jim Henson Company and later as a freelancer. Craig has written a variety of Muppets short stories and scripted Muppets computer games including the award-winning Muppet CD-Rom: Muppets Inside. Craig worked with Miss Piggy on her cookbook In the Kitchen with Miss Piggy and has scripted numerous Muppets guest appearances on many TV shows.

Aside from his work on Jim Henson properties, Craig’s work has included writing the Emmy-nominated Tasty Time with ZeFronk for Disney, the Disney Channel’s successful Lou and Lou Safety Patrol series, and episodes for various series on The Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and The Learning Channel.

Craig currently serves as president for the Jim Henson Legacy.

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