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This week I received a box of food from Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh works like a weekly subscription box service which can be paused / restarted and cancelled any time.
The Hello Fresh box contains all the ingredients you need to create either 3 or 5 tasty meals for either 2 or 4 people. You can choose between a classic box containing meat and fish ingredients or a veggie box for vegetarians. There is also a larger family box choice available too.
The boxes are big and packed full of fresh ingredients, meat, fish, tinned goods, cheeses, herbs, spices etc. With the box comes recipe cards (the amount of cards will depend on size of box you choose) the recipe cards show you how to make delicious nutritious dishes. These are the types of foods I have always wanted to make but thought too difficult. They are actually very easy and only take 30 minutes or so.
My box arrived from my lovely courier (who now knows me on first name terms ha). Inside the box were all these goodies.

The fresh ingredients such as chicken, cod, mince and cheese were all in a freezer bag with ice packs to keep them fresh in transit.


My first recipe card was Moroccan Beef stuffed Aubergine .

Everything I needed was provided. I found the instruction card easy enough to follow too. The card stated it would be ready in 40 minutes which was more or less spot on.
I had something similar to this a few years back at a restaurant and as I’m not a great cook I never imagined I’d beable to make it. It was really easy just a case of baking the aubergines and making the rather spicy Moroccan beef using mince, onions, tomatoes and spices.

I was incredibly pleased with my end result and it tasted rather great too.


My next dish was just as good. I love fish but do not cook it much. I was therefore happy to receive a fish recipe.


Roasted Coconut cod with Shiitake Mushrooms, Mange tout and egg noodles This actually looks and sounds like something you would expect to see at a Japanese restaurant yet I made it in my own home in just 30 minutes.

My mother came round and there was plenty of it between the two of us. Again a lovely spicy dish and certainly something a little different for a change.


The third recipe in my Hello Fresh box was a Superfood Mexican Jumble with Feta and JalapeΓ±o this again took 30 minutes and used superfoods such as Quinona and Couscous which I haven’t cooked with before.

The ingredients in the boxes are of the highest quality and freshness and are specially sourced. Many of the ingredients cannot be found in a local supermarket. The recipes are simple but interesting and provide a balanced and varied diet. The boxes can be delivered throughout the UK and a choice of Tuesday or Thursday delivery to your chosen address. The recipes are available to view online approximately 2 weeks before delivery and a meal swap option is available incase you don’t particularly like the sound of one of them.
The boxes start from Β£39.00 for a 3 meal box for 2 people and includes delivery.

If you like the sound of Hello Fresh and would like to try it for yourself then I have a special code which entitles you to a massive Β£20 off your first box. This means you only pay Β£19 for your box. To use this offer, go to Hello Fresh, sign up and enter this code at checkout V925NN
you will beable to see which recipes are next by clicking on the recipe tab
If you sign up and refer friends you get Β£12 towards your boxes too.

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