Half term snacking with Golden Wonder

Half term is here already which usually means kids who get bored easily and always hungry. Some great tasting snacks from Golden Wonder arrived just in time for our half term fun.
Golden Wonder began back in 1947 with a first batch of potato crisps made by Scottish baker William Alexander. Since then the brand has gone on to open the worlds largest crisp factory. In 2006 Tayto group bought Golden Wonder which then bought about a new brand design and slogan, aswell as introductions of many different new flavours of crisps and snacks.

I enjoy crisps and snacks and have tried and tasted many brands. If I was asked to choose my favourite brand it would be Golden Wonder. The crisps & snacks are just bursting with flavour unlike some varieties which can taste the same and bland these certainly don’t. The flavours of each are always unique and strong but not strong in a way that’s over powering I just mean that the flavours really stand out in taste.
We were kindly sent over a large box full of different varieties of both crisps and snacks.

These are just 3 of the flavours of crisps on offer from Golden Wonder which happen to be some of my favourites too. The crisps are made using only the finest potatoes which are lightly peeled and cooked in sunflower oil and then carefully seasoned.
I had not tried the sausage & tomato before but really enjoy the meaty flavour combined with the slightly sweet and zinginess of tomato. The tomato ketchup crisps are a favourite of mine and flavoured with Heinz tomato ketchup. Everyone loves a good old bag of cheese & onion. This flavour is everywhere and been around for years, however no one makes cheese & onion crisps as good as Golden Wonder.
Just look how big these crisps are in the packet too.

20140217-161856.jpg. They are big and no tiny crumbs either.

Next for the snacks which of course always go down well with kids.

The snacks come in all shapes, sizes and flavours from transformers to ringo hoops, little Oinks hoops and quaterbacks. Lots of great tastes too and snacks can be bought from as little as 20p per bag.
The snacks differ from usual crisps in that they are baked, not fried and much softer to eat making them a perfect treat for children.
Golden Wonder crisps and snacks can be purchased just about anywhere. You can usually find them in single packets at your local shop and buy multipacks in every supermarket. Prices probably vary from shop to shop.
These snacks will certainly keep us going throughout the half term.
For more information on other snacks or Golden wonder please visit their website

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