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These lovely subscription boxes keep on coming don’t they? I was especially looking forward to this one tho. This is My Viti Box.

My Viti Box subscription brings you a box of wine each month. Every month, Alain Gousse, former wine taster at La Tour D’Argent, selects the bottles for your wine box with rigour and passion.
The subscription starts at Β£26 a month and can be cancelled at any time.
By subscribing to My Viti Box you learn how to taste and enjoy great wine. Also how to recognise wine aromas, different grape varieties and maybe learn which wine goes with which food. All of which I know absolutely nothing about.
The wine selection process is rigorous They select only high quality wine and work with talented and emerging wineries. Each month the Vitibox covers a different aspect of the world of wine and the wineries fit in with the topic of the month.
If you subscribe to Viti box the wine you receive will be a surprise and will change every month. If you particularly like a certain bottle then there is an option to purchase more bottles in cases of 3 or 6 bottles at a special price.

There are different subscription plans to choose from with choices of one or two bottles per month. Wine pairings selection or red only.
My box of wine was the January selection. It arrived in a very strong cardboard wine box. It was very well packaged and the wine even felt cool to touch when it arrived.

There is a wine guide included too. I received one bottle of fine ROUSSETTE DE SAVOIE 2012 – DOMAINE GRISARD which is white wine and BERGERAC ROUGE 2012 – CHΓ‚TEAU MOULIN CARESSE which is red.
I’m not a huge drinker but do enjoy a glass of wine now and then with a meal or in the evenings. I’m not yet a wine expert so won’t pretend to know what I’m talking about with tastes and aromas. However I will say that I enjoyed both the wines. They both had a lovely fruity rich taste and both tasted very different. It was good to try out some new varieties of wine rather than those you get in supermarkets.

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  1. February 17, 2014 / 13:47

    Ohh I do like the sound of this box….lol
    I know nothing about wine apart from knowing I like it…hehehe

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