The day I nearly lost my daughter

Four years ago today on Wednesday February 10th started like any other day. Little did I know that morning that it would turn out to be one of the worst days of my life.
Ryan was at school and Jordanna then just 2 came shopping with me. We were buying clothes for our big May holiday that year to the Dominican Republic. At around 1pm we headed back on foot. Jordanna enjoyed walking and it wasn’t too far.

The way home was straight down a main road. I held her hand tightly as I always do and everything was fine.
We then got to the pelican crossing where a busy crossroad junction is. I pressed the button and waited.
Somehow Jordanna let go of my hand and ran straight into the oncoming traffic. She was hit and thrown like a rag doll.
I’m unsure what happened in those few seconds. My mind went blank as I ran to her. I heard a faint voice shouting “don’t pick her up” but what mother wouldn’t pick up her injured child.
She was lifeless. She was pale and didn’t move. I thought she had gone. I shouted and screamed and kissed her face, I begged her to wake up.

Then a faint sound and a shallow breath followed by a whimper. She was alive. Was someone watching over her that day?
The ambulance came quickly and Jordanna slowly started to wake up and cry in pain. Although I didn’t want her to suffer I was told the pain was a good sign she was ok.
We got to hospital and she had lots of tests and scans. She had broken her collar bone. She was amazingly lucky, no blood, no internal damage and no other breaks.
I later found out the car that hit her was travelling at approximately 27 mph. He had slowed at the junction to turn. Any faster and it may have been a different story.
Jordanna recovered quickly and was much more cautious when crossing roads with me.
For me it’s something I will never ever forget.

I believe someone above was looking down on us that day.


  1. February 10, 2014 / 10:52

    Oh my how awful and scary! She’s so lucky! Someone must of been watching over her that day!!

  2. Alison Johnson
    February 10, 2014 / 12:16

    It’s every parents worst nightmare. My son would always try to slip my hand when out walking so I bought one of those clipasafe tether thingies. You put one end round your wrist & the other round theirs. He used to try & chew it off, but the material it was made with made it impossible. He used to hide in busy shops after slipping my hand & I would be frantic, but this really helped. I’m so pleased your daughter wasn’t more seriously injured & cannot imagine what it must be like watching that happen.

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