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Specsavers began as a small family business over 25 years ago and has gradually grown to over 1500 stores in ten countries. It is still run by the Perkins family and is in my opinion the most well known optical store. If somebody asked me to name an opticians or somewhere to buy glasses; then Specsavers would be my first answer.

My History of glasses and eye problems

Eye problems run in my family and when I was a little girl (aged approximately 3) I was diagnosed with a squint which has the medical name Starbismus. The squint also caused a lazy eye meaning my left eye was less powerful than my right and my right eye was used more. Sadly like most children I hated wearing glasses . I found they rubbed a lot and there was little choice of frames unlike today. My mum did not want me to have an eye operation which is perfectly understandable as I wouldn't like the thought f someone operating on my children's eyes either. A child's eyesight is hard to correct after a certain age. I could and still do see perfectly well but with spending more time at a computer I have noticed a slight blur every now and then and a few more headaches and so it was time to go get checked. It's therefore quite a coincidence that a review opportunity for Specsavers came about very recently.


Eye Test

I popped along to my local Specsavers store in Bolton and was initially greeted by some very friendly staff. I explained the few problems I had and was given a choice of dates and times to return for a test. I chose the next day and a morning appointment.

I then returned for my test. I found the staff on the ground floor very helpful and always smiling. I had to take Izebella with me as I have no one to look after her in the day. They do have an examination room downstairs but it happened to be closed due to ongoing works. However there was no problem as two very lovely make staff happily carried her heavy buggy up and down stairs for me.

I was taken to a waiting room and only had to wait for five minutes or so before going to the test room. The optician asked about my history and present problems. A series of tests were done on my eyes. The first was like looking through a screen through each eye at one of those letter boards (reminded me a little of childhood tests but more advance). Different lenses were places over my eyes and I was asked which looked clearer and what letters I could see. Another test involved pressing a button and watching blinking lights. The tests seem a little strange when your not used to them but are obviously the best way to get a diagnosis of any problems.

Diagnosis and Frames

The test didn't last too long; possibly 30 minutes and wasn't at all painful or uncomfortable. The Optician was able to tell me straight away that there are no major problems with my sight in general. My right eye is my good eye and basically does the majority of the work and there is a big difference in vision between my right and left eye. As I do a lot of work on a computers and read a lot this can cause the right eye to become tired or strained resulting in a little blurdness and odd headache. The optician recommended a pair of frames for activities such as reading and blogging but stated I did not need them on constantly.

It was then time to go back downstairs to the shop floor and choose some frames. As I had not wore glasses for 20 years or so I had absolutely no idea what to look for or choose. I did not know which style or colour would suit and luckily the staff were only too happy to offer some assistance.

I had Β£150 to spend. The frames start at just Β£25 a pair and the designer frames cost anything from Β£99-Β£149. If you cannot afford frames and are in receipt of certain benefits then you may qualify for free frames. Children under 18 also qualify for free frames.

I tried on a fair few pairs with different styles and colours. There are lots of mirrors in the shop to check how they look. Some looked good, some looked awful it's a case of finding what suits your face shape and colouring. The designer brands include French Connection, Karen Millan, Gok Wan and many more well known names. And then there they were twinkling away. A gorgeous pair of dazzling frames which suited me just fine. The Aurora 11


The Aurora frames collection are the designer of singer Lulu. Priced at Β£125, the designs feature a signature crystal on each side, and combines elements of fine jewellery and intricate metalwork with modern design principles to create elegant glasses that flatter ladies of any age.They also includes PENTAX single vision lenses, a scratch-resistant treatment, a bespoke Aurora case and cloth as standard.

My first impression of the Aurora frame was just how girly and very blingy they looked. I knew instantly they were the ones I wanted as I'm a girly girl after all. I thought they looked good on and certainly suited my face shape too. They looked very fashionable and certainly the sort of accessory to keep up with today's trends.

Once you pick your frames. Your lenses are made for your eyesights specific strength and needs. This takes about a week and you are then given a further appointment to collect the glasses. When you return you try your glasses on and the assistants will adjust the frames to fit around your ears and make sure you can see okay out of them. Well here's me in my shiny new Aurora frames. I'm not the best at taking pictures of myself so bare with me.

Wearing glasses after so many years or even for the first time obviously takes some getting used to, and at first they do feel a little strange when they are on. Like most things the strange feeling does go away the more they are worn. Also as my glasses were made with one lens more powerful than the other (to make my lazy eye work harder) I did experience the odd mild headache at first but these also go away on their own too.

I love my new blingy designer frames. I don't mind having them on as I think they look pretty good. I am also hoping that by wearing glasses myself it will encourage my daughter Jordanna to wear hers too. She has glasses for a condition called Astigmatism which is caused by an irregular shaped Cornea or lens. She also gets her frames from Specsavers and they now have a great selection of frames for children featuring well known characters such as Hello Kitty. Gone are the days of the thick nhs standard frames.

The Aurora frames cost Β£125 and I also opted for the anti glare coating at Β£25 which removes glare, reflections and helps to reduce eye stain at a computer.

I found Specsavers to be a very pleasant and even fun experience. The staff were friendly and helpful and only too happy to help out. The eye test itself was easy and over quickly and my problems diagnosed easily. Choosing frames was fun and I'm very happy with the design I chose.



You will find details of frames and eye tests at the website Specsavers



  1. January 24, 2014 / 21:18

    They look fabulous!
    A few years ago I went for an eye test at a Specsavers and was given glasses for watching tv and when I’m on the laptop…..I must be due for a checkup soon! πŸ˜€

    • January 24, 2014 / 21:37

      Yes you should go in and book appointment I got told every two years is fine for me x

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