Who made your Pants

Who made your pants is a campaigning lingerie brand based in Southampton.
They make and sell beautiful pants whether it’s what a woman buys for herself or perhaps gives as a gift to another woman.
What makes this company different to others is that the pants are all made by women and for women. Many of the women employed have faced very hard times with many being refugees from countries such as Sudan and Afghanistan. Many who have had to flee war zones and even lost family members. The workplace is women only so the women have a chance to feel safe and meet other women. The women workers all have different needs and many may have not worked or been educated before. This company provides them with support and teaches them useful working skills in a secure and safe enviroment.
The finished pants come in lots of different colours and styles. The pants are also named after women.
The Cecilia pants are a seamed shortie style with a finished lettuce hem.

Rosalind are a higher cut shortie.

20140122-135038.jpg and Aimee are shorts made from reclaimed soft stretch lace.

The pants all start from a size 8 and go up to a size 18.
I was able to pick a pair of pants to review and I chose a pair from the Aimee shorts range.

These are the pink fizz design. I think they are so girly and lacy. I chose a size 10 and found they are quite a generous fit, not too tight and not too loose. I think I could of easily fitted into the size 8 too as they are a very comfortable fit.
The pants look great on next to the skin. I’m not going to put up a picture of myself parading in my underwear but I do really like them.
The pants have both the cute girly look to them whilst also having the sexiness appeal to them.
They cost Β£25.00 and by purchasing the pants you are helping to support women refugees as above.

The pants arrive gift wrapped and its an excellent customer service.


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