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I very recently came across a beautiful website called All things Brighton Beautiful. They are obviously based down in sunny Brighton and sell an assortment of homewares, gifts and stylish items.
You should all know by now just how much I love finding different gifts and things for my home. So I was very happy when the lovely people there offered to send some lovely things over for my children.

First Izebella was sent this very cute and fluffy sheep toy.

They come in two sizes: small and large only the small one isn’t small at all it’s actually quite a reasonable size so I’m thinking the large one must be huge. The sheep is suitable from birth and great for cuddling and kissing as Izebella is constantly doing with her sheep.

20140115-161316.jpg. The sheep toys are good to play with and cuddle or have in a bed/cot as a night time comforter once old enough. For younger babies they will look good in a bedroom sat on a windowsill or unit until the child is a little older.
The small sheep is just under Β£10 and the large one is Β£24.95. I’m sure Izebella will enjoy her new cuddly friend for years to come.

Next Jordanna got sent a gorgeous striped bunny. Jordanna loves teddies and dolls and has a room full of them.

She loves receiving new and unusual teddies and this bunny is certainly unique and unusual. The bunny is crocheted and feels very soft and wooly. Bunny has big floppy ears and lots of colourful stripes.


Again bunny would make a good bedtime companion or a nice room decoration.

The bunny costs Β£16.95 and has been featured in the Nottingham evening post.

Lastly but of course not least was Ryan. Ryan is now 9 and so a little old to be receiving or playing with teddies. We have recently moved house and Ryan now has the small box room. For a box room it’s not a bad size really and has one of those stair well box/bulkheads taking up a bit of floor space. Many would find this annoying but Ryan likes it and uses it as part seat/ part storage and part desk. Only thing is he hasn’t really got anything to store his pens and things in so All things Brighton beautiful kindly sent him this.

Its a Sharpener desk tidy and just the sort of thing he needed.

It looks like a huge shiny pencil sharpener and is very modern and funky, great for a pre teens room. It’s made simply from wood and stainless steel.

It’s the perfect solution to keep desks or drawer tops tidy. (Bulkhead boxes in Ryan’s case!) he just pops his pens , pencils, felts and even rulers, erasers or anything else inside it, keeping everything together in one place.

The desk tidy costs Β£15.45 and perfect for an older child or teenager.
All things Brighton Beautiful sell a great selection of children’s items many of which you won’t find elsewhere. They also have gifts for adults, jewellery and a selection of useful home items too.
Visit All things Brighton beautiful

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  1. January 16, 2014 / 09:23

    I think we could all make use of that desk tidy – great idea!

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