MineCraft Paper craft set

Character Options have a great paper craft kit based on the popular video game MineCraft.
I have never played the game before but I have seen it in action. It’s an open world game which allows players to build constructions from cubes in a 3D environment.
Many children who play the game will therefore be familiar with the kits. There are several different kits all with different parts to make.

Our kit was hostile mobs. The kits contain 30 pieces in total. There are 6 different parts to make (3 of each) and ten stickers. No glue or tape is needed. Each part comes on a piece of card and basically just needs popping out and folding as per instructions.

In a way it’s a little like those old pop out fashion doll things which I had as a child back in the 1980s tho I would say this kit is aimed more towards boys.
Ryan said he found the instructions easy to follow. They are diagrams and the odd few words. I usually struggle to follow these type of instructions but I left it to Ryan to build the parts his self and he didn’t have any problems doing so.

He had to make slime cubes, creepers, witches, zombies, cave spiders and gravel blocks.


The slimes and gravel blocks were easy being simple cubes and Ryan said the other parts such as the zombies were slightly harder as he had to make individual parts and then slot the parts together.


This is the zombie both on the card before making and once made.
The models all slot together easily with tabs and ready made slots.
The kits are suitable for children aged 6 and over and the parts are at 1/16th scale. The kits cost £9.99 and I found Ryan has been kept busy with it for a good half hour and has not yet made every single part. It’s certainly something to keep them entertained in the cold weather and won’t need charging like their tablets. There are 7 different kits in total.

The one thing we found ever so slightly confusing were the included stickers. We couldn’t work out if they belonged on any of the made parts or just stickers to use anywhere. Overall this is a good kit for a rainy day and I’m sure it will be loved by minecraft gaming fans.

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